Babyliss True Glow Sonic Skincare System review

Taryn Davies
Published: November 14, 2016

Babyliss True Glow Sonic Skincare Review’s nothing quite like the fresh and clean feeling of your skin after a facial, but the price tag means they are a luxurious treat we don’t get to enjoy as often as we’d like. But with products like the Babyliss True Glow Sonic Skincare System you can give your skin a deep clean in the comfort of your own home, and at no cost – once you’ve bought the product of course.


  • Sonic technology
  • Automatic cleansing timer
  • Three speed settings – high, medium and low
  • Two facial attachments – normal and sensitive
  • One exfoliating body brush attachment
  • Water resistant – suitable for in-shower use
  • 60-second shut-off
  • Multi-voltage of worldwide use
  • 3-year guarantee

Babyliss True Glow Sonic Skincare Review

The True Glow Sonic Skincare set is designed to cleanse and exfoliate in one. It comes with three-speed settings, although we think the highest one might be too abrasive for the face, keep this for use on the body. It also comes with three brush heads, one for sensitive and normal skin, and another head to be used on your body. There’s also a 60-second timer that you can use to cleanse your skin so it automatically turns off after a minute, sometimes you might find you don’t need a full minute with this, if your skin feels sore or irritated at all, cease using it before the timer goes off.

Babyliss True Glow Sonic Skincare Review it works

The sonic system is designed to give the skin a deep clean, gently shaking our the dirt and impurities from the skin without causing irritation.

Get more from the skincare you use alonsigde cleansing with this Babyliss skincare brush too, becuase it enhances the absorption of the products you use in your routine.

Even though the brush head oscillates 300 times per second, it still manages to feel gentle on the skin.

The brush comes with a head designed to be used on the body, and then two further heads for the face, one designed for normal skin types and another for sensitive skin.

Ensure you cleanse your face for an adequate time too, because there's a one minute timer you can set on the brush.



Comes with different brush styles to suit your skin’s needs, gentle on skin, deep cleaning, gets rid of all the grubbiness, great as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells

Babyliss True Glow Sonic Skincare Review

Brush heads will need to be replaced often, these types of products shouldn’t be used every day on the skin, can be expensive so make sure you shop around for the best offers

Bottom line

These brushes aren’t designed to be used every day on the skin, so make sure you’re only using this tool sporadically, maybe once a week, even if you’re using the gentler brush head.

With that out of the way, the Babyliss True Glow Sonic Skincare System can be a great addition to your skincare routine, helping ensure you get all of the grime and dirt out of your pores. It’s also great as an environmentally friendly exfoliator, we’ve all seen what those micro beads are doing to the world.

Leave your skin feeling fresh and clean with this skincare brush.

For use as a body brush we think it’s a great idea, but in reality, the brush head is too small to be used on such a large area. It’s great if you have the patience to go over your whole body, or maybe only use it on specific areas, but in reality, we like the large sweeping motions we can do with an exfoliating glove.

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