Best ginger hair dye for different skin tones

Taryn Davies
Published: January 25, 2017

Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams are just a few of the beautiful celebrities who could persuade us to dye our hair red, whether it’s bold and bright or soft and coppery, red hair always makes a statement – but which is the best ginger hair dye?

Find the right shade and auburn hair can be incredibly flattering to your skin tone, Emma Stone is, in fact, blonde, but dyed her hair red when she auditioned for Superbad and the director Judd Apatow told her too. Her red locks have become part of her signature look now.

So which are the most colour options? According to a study Schwarzkopf (XXL Live) was the most popular hair dye, after that L’Oreal Feria and then Clairol – Nice & Easy took second and third place brand wise.

Emma Stone's red hair has become part of her signature look

Helga Esteb/

The downside to dyeing your hair red

A study found that whilst red hair looks amazing just after being dyed, it soon fades and loses its multi-tonal glow that is the big draw to red hair. Of course, the colour still stays, but it loses its brightness and vibrancy after a few washes. Of course, it would be ideal to wash your hair a lot less, but it’s important to that you use the right shampoo and conditioner, picking ones that are designed for use on coloured hair. They’re designed to be gentle on colour treated hair so that your colour treatments last longer and your hair stays vibrant.

You could also try products like a colour depositing shampoo which are designed to give an extra dose of red to your colour.

Choosing the right ginger shade for you

The rich and fiery shade has the ability to turn heads, celebrities like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Florence Welch and Cheryl Cole have embraced the trend with sizzling red shades in the past.

While everyone can try their hand at a ginger do, it’s important to find the right colour for you.

If you’re feeling like your locks are a little mousey, a light auburn hair colour can help give brunettes a boost. If you already have red tones in your hair a dark auburn colour will help to bring out the natural shimmering russet tones. And if your blonde is looking dull and lifeless, add some strawberry tones to your locks to give it a new lease of life.

Best red hair colours for light skin tones with warm undertones

If you have a light to medium skin tone that has warm undertones like strong yellow or golden, you want to choose shades that are dark copper brown, caramel brown or dark cherry red with slight copper undertones.

The light shades of copper are one to avoid, as they’ll just make you look more yellow.

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Best ginger hair dyes for medium skin tones and cool undertones

For those with light to medium skin tones that have cool undertones, you want to opt for ginger red shares with golden undertones. Light copper browns with orange undertones will also flatter as will bright orange-red.

Best red dye options for neutral undertones

If your skin has no obvious skin undertones they true bright reds with neutral or slightly blue undertones will flatter you immensely, as will plum reds and a medium caramel brown with blonde highlights.

Best ginger hair dye for dark hair

Unless you want to bleach your hair, you’re best choosing dark shades of red, such as violet red, mahogany red or dark copperish brown.

For those who want a lighter shade of red, then you’ll need to use bleach to lighten your locks.

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