The best oils and serums to boost your hair’s growth

Taryn Davies
Published: November 8, 2016

Thick, full and lengthy locks needn’t be a pipe dream with these range of hair oils and serums that help with growth.

Along with that, we’ve got some hair stylist tips on how you can help your hair grow, getting your hair looking its best in no time.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave In TreatmentLee Stafford Hair Growth Leave-in Treatment

From brushes, electrical and hair care products, there’s not much we don’t love from Lee Stafford, and this Hair Growth treatment is formulated with a Pro-Growth complex and a shot of caffeine to boost the circulation in your scalp and encourage your hair to grow. It's not only a great product for hair growth, but it helps to detangle, strengthen and moisturise your hair too.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum IntenseGrow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense

It might be a serum, rather than oil, but that shouldn't the reason it doesn't make this list. The Grow Gorgeous products are renowned for helping to promote healthy and strong locks that become denser and fuller over time. This product helps to protect the hair that you've already got, reducing loss as well as improving your hair's length and increasing density too.

Salon Science Pro Accelerant 3 TreatmentSalon Science Pro Accelerant 3: Treatment

This scalp treatment from Salon Science is made with an Organic Pea Sprout Extract, this ingredient is essential for this product as it's rich in protein, fibre and starch all of which play a restorative part in helping our hair's health. Together with caffeeine they help to encourage our hair to grow at the root.

Jason Thin To Thick Scalp Elixir Healthy Hair SystemJason Thin to Thick Scalp Elixir

The Jason Thin to Thick Scalp Elixir is a great option to help reduce hair loss, encourage hair growth and leave your scalp healthier. The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp, and this treatment targets the scalp specifically, which leaves our hair looking healthier, shinier and feeling thicker too.

Phyto’s Phytologist 15Phyto’s Phytologist 15

The Phyto option has plenty of science behind it, with biologic actions, these are designed to help stop hair loss as well as encouraging hair growth too. The ingredients in the product at 99% natural and they leave your hair looking healthier, protects your scalp and help your hair to look and feel thicker over time.

Redken Extreme Length Primer Rinse Off TreatmentRedken Extreme Length Primer Rinse off Treatment

The Redken Extreme Length Treatment is designed to help protect the hair you already have, preventing split ends, reducing the amount of breakage and strengthen your hair too. The rinse-off treatment works quickly and encourages your hair to grow so you'll see a difference in your hair's health as well as its volume.

Viviscal Densifying ElixirViviscal Densifying Elixir

Viviscal have been a go-to for years when it comes to hair's health, and this Densifying Elixir is a great option for thicker and healthier looking hair. The ingredients are designed to extend the phase of our hair's growth, and reduce the amount that falls out.

ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils

Castor Oil is known for promoting a healthy scalp, as well as healthy hair. The combination of Castor oil and Vitamin E in the ORS product ensures your hair has everything it needs for rejuvenation. Use this before you wash your locks as normal and there won't be any greasy residue left behind.

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How to help your hair grow the natural way

Hair stylist to the stars, Asgar Saboo shares his crucial advice for helping you to have healthy and strong hair that grows longer and looks thicker too.

Keep trimming it

You've heard this one a million times before, but it really is the best thing for your hair to have it regularly trimmed. Try and keep a standing appointment with your hairdresser for every six to eight weeks to help stop split ends travelling further up your hair's shaft. You don't want this to happen because when split ends break, it'll result in your hair strands snapping, which means your hair will be shorter.

Brush regularly 

Brushing your hair is important for not only keeping tats and tangles at bay, but it promotes blood circulation in the scalp too, as well as distributing your hair's natural oils from the root to the tip, this ensures your hair is soft and supple. Remember to be gentle, and don't tug at your locks. When you increase the blood circulation in the scalp it also encourages the hair follicles which helps to grow new hair.

How to help your hair grow the natural way

Healthy scalp, healthy hair

If your scalp is healthy, it goes hand in hand that your hair with be healthy too. Treat yourself to regular scalp massages, both when you're washing your hair and when it's dry too. This will help to stimulate blood flow in the scalp.

From the inside out

Like everything else, the food you eat can have an impact on your hair's health, and to help stop your hair from falling out you'll want to increase the amount of protein you eat, as well as vitamins too. Keratin is a type of protein, that the hair is made up of, so it's important that your diet is rich in it. Focus on foods like eggs, beans, fish, meat to help promote healthy hair. For the vitamins you'll want to focus on biotin and vitamins B and C, and eating foods like spinach, wholegrain cereals and red peppers will help you get plenty.

Turn down the heat

Whenever you use heat on the hair, it's vital you use a heat protector to help avoid excessive damage to your locks, also where you can take a break from using heat and think of different ways to style your hair instead.

When it comes to using tools though, it's important that you don't crank up the heat just because the option is there. If you have thin, fine hair, the lower heat settings are much better suited to your hair.

Don’t over shampoo 

Shampoo is a must for cleansing the hair, removing dirt, grime and product build-up, but it's important that you're not excessive with your shampooing either. Experts recommend that we shampoo our locks roughly two or three times a week, this gices your hair the chance to absorb the natural oils that are produced by the scalp, which helps to repair the hair and ensure it's properly hydrated too.

Using conditioners is also essential for healthy hair as they can replenish lost nutrients, a hair mask is also recommended for weekly use to help really moisturise and deep condition your hair.

Cool off

When you're washing your hair, finish your wash by reducing the temperature of the water. This will help to seal your hair cuticles which helps to prevent damage to your hair as well as preventing moisture loss too.

Sleep like a celebrity

Silk pillowcases are a beauty secret that celebrities swear by, even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley revealed it's her beauty secret in 73 questions with Vogue. Silk pillowcases are great for promoting healthy hair because there is less friction compared to a cotton pillow case, and it doesn't absorb the natural oils in our hair that keeps it healthy either.

Be aware of what you’re using 

It's easy to tell when our skin doesn't agree with a product, but it's also important to keep a check on our hair's health. If you notice that your hair is having an effect on your skin or hair, then it's probably not something you should be using.

Stress less

Stress is not the best thing for our health, and it also has an impact on our hair's health too. Stress results in a chemical reaction that promotes hair loss, so it's important that you become aware when you're feeling stressed and you take measurements to ease this, whether it's mindfulness, exercise or meditation.