6 of the Best Lightweight Hairdryers for 2018

Taryn Davies
Published: April 9, 2018

If it takes a while to dry your long or thick hair, investing in a lightweight hair dryer is the best move to cure numb arms, so we’re here to help with our pick of the best lightweight hairdryers.

You want to choose a model that is well balanced, as unprofessional designs can feel heavier and be more awkward to hold.

Here’s our pick of the best lightweight hairdryers.

Parlux Power Light 385 hairdryer

From the name of this hair dryer, you can pretty much see why this makes our list of the best lightweight hairdryers to buy. But it's not the only reason why it makes this model such a great dryer. The tool itself weighs only 452g, but it's also designed incredibly well with eco-friendly features, a silencer which means it's really quiet, as well as ionic and ceramic features that we've come to expect from the best hairdryers on the market.

This dryer is small and compact, incredibly lightweight and ergonomic in design too. The Parlux Power Light dryer definitely stands out as one of the best lightweight hairdryers around.

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T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer

The T3 Featherweight Luxe dryer is exactly what the name suggests, lightweight and luxurious. The tool is designed to dry your hair really quickly, in fact, it's said to do it five minutes quicker than their previous tool. Which means that your hair won't be subjected to as much heat damage.

This dryer weighs 454g so your arm won't tire when you use it, plus it won't weigh down your case when you're travelling too.

This dryer has plenty od the design features we expect to see from the tools in this price range, like ceramic, ionic and tourmaline, so your hair will benefit from the fact it heats evenly and prevent moisture loss.

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ghd Aura review TheFuss.co.ukghd Aura hairdryer

The ghd Aura hairdryer stands out as an excellent lightweight dryer, ghd has become a go-to brand for superior quality hair tools and this dryer is exactly that. The dryer has been designed with the power supply externally working on the long power cord, this means you don't feel the weight of it as you hold the dryer and style your hair.

Not only is the weight of the dryer really light, but it's also a lot quieter compared with other tools we've used, extremely powerful, boasts scientific technology to care for your hair and is eco-friendly because it uses less electrical energy when compared to standard hairdryers.

Collexia Professional Ultra Compact Hair Dryer

The Collexia Professional Ultra Compact dryer is small in design, just 17.5cm in length and 515g in weight, plus the powerful design helps you to cut down on how long you're drying your hair for and the smart design means you don't dry it out or damage it extensively.

The dryer dries your hair more quickly because there is a stronger airflow, rather than just increasing the heat. Plus, the dual-fan design ensures that it's a lot smaller than other standard dryers on the market.

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Babyliss 3Q hairdryer review TheFuss.co.ukBabyliss 3Q hairdryer

Babyliss positioned themselves firmly within the luxury beauty range with the launch of their 3Q hairdryer which is packed with innovative and exciting technology that is sleek in design and weighs 15% less than other hairdryers from the brand.

The dryer itself is 567g and is designed to feel comfortable when you use it. The dryer also has a brushless motor which means the airflow is strong and controlled, as well as ionic properties to leave your locks feeling soft and healthy and looking shiny too.

Ghd Flight Saharan Gold Travel Hairdryer Review TheFuss.co.ukghd Flight hairdryer

The ghd Flight hairdryer is a limited edition design from the brand that is designed in mind for travel, the gorgeously small and compact design, which is foldable too, is perfect for packing away into your suitcases, not taking up much room or much of your weight allowance either. It weighs just 422g, so it's the lightest tool on this list. What's more, the dryer still has the incredible technology we've come to know and expect from the hair brand.