Best organic beauty bloggers

Taryn Davies
Published: February 24, 2016

Eating organic produce has long been touted as a must-do for our health thanks to its many benefits, and it’s certainly something we should consider for our beauty regime too.

Thankfully, there’s a bunch of beauty bloggers that road test the best organic beauty products so we know what the best of the best.

Organic beauty products are nourishing, gentle and kind on the skin, and just like we nourish our bodies with organic foods, we should embrace the beauty products too.

The reality of it is, plenty of the non-organic products on the market are produced with chemicals that aren't exactly beneficial to our bodies. And just because you're applying them topically, doesn't mean they can't have an effect on your health. The skin absorbs typically 60% of what we put on to it, so you've got to be aware of what's in the products you're using.

Certified-organic beauty products work just as good as other products, but without using additives or artificial chemicals that could potentially be harmful.

If you’re considering going organic with your beauty regime we suggest you take some time to read these beauty blogs, these are our pick of the best organic beauty bloggers and will most definitely help you change your routine for the better.

Best Organic beauty blogger award

A Brighter Shade of Green

Yanar has created a beautiful blog, A Brighter Shade of Green, that we can’t get enough of. Not only does she cover natural health and beauty, but also shares her advice on style and green living. If you haven’t already heard of the book Stuffocation you should definitely read Yanar’s post all about it. Through this blog she shares products that don’t come at a cost to others, and constantly champion’s alternative and more conscientious ways of living. We love A Brighter Shade of Green, and if you don’t already we think it won’t be long before you do.

Ana Goes Green

Not only does Ana cover the big natural, organic, ethical and sustainable businesses on Ana Goes Green, she also shares niche brands and affordable options, so there’s something for every taste.
There’s a mix of in-depth reviews alongside eco-friendly practices, and you always leave this blog feeling a letter bit better about yourself and the good people are doing in the industry.

Organic Beauty Blogger

Inga covers everything from supplements, sun products and skincare buys. From reviews to product suggestions for nails and makeup, this blog has everything covered in a completely positive outlook. It’s hard not to read Organic Beauty Blogger and come away with ‘glass half full’ mentality.

Living Pretty Naturally

With tips and tricks to bring out your most radiant skin and be a little healthier, Kate’s blog, Living Pretty Naturally, is mainly about natural cosmetics and the best organic make up, as well as beauty-enhancing recipes, eco beauty lifestyle tricks, holistic treatments and basically anything else that is lovely and natural.

Kate focuses on products without synthetic chemicals, without fillers, and without parabens. Products that are good for you, your health, and the environment.


As a natural beauty advocate, Kim Wallace has a vast knowledge of organic beauty and with kimberlyloc she helps readers make smart green beauty purchasing decisions with her honest, thorough and easy-to-read reviews. Last year she even used her beauty know-how to create a limited edition jasmine body oil with Rachel’s Plan Bee.

Biteable Beauty

Rebecca Goodyear runs Biteable Beauty, a blog dedicated to natural beauty, organic lifestyle, health, fitness and wellbeing. Everything you need to make you feel good on the inside and look great on the outside. As her blog grows each year you feel Rebecca’s knowledge deepen and she’s more than happy to share that with you in her honest product reviews and sound advice that you’ll certainly put into practice.

Well Beauty Blog

Cori runs a well thought out blog that discusses everything like beauty, health and eco-living, Well Beauty Blog. She's a registered dietitian, so she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to the foods we consume. Her love for natural beauty came after she heard about parabens from a friend, and then it grew from there, and now thankfully for us she likes to share what she learns about natural and organic beauty.

Best Organic beauty blogger award