The best Pixar scene stealers

Taryn Davies
Published: July 13, 2017

Pixar is back this week with the release of Cars 3, so what better time to share the Pixar scene stealers. These are the standout characters from across Pixar films that aren’t necessarily a key role but still manage to stand out in the scenes they’re in.

We’ve compiled this list in chronological order starting from the first Pixar film, Toy Story, all the way back in 1995.

Slinky in Toy Story

Slinky is just one of the scene-stealing characters in Toy Story, there’s plenty more like Mr Potato Head, Rex, Bo etc. We love how loyal Slinky is to Woody, even when he disappears and Slinky stands up for him.

Slinky gives us plenty of laughs in all three of the Toy Story films, and sometimes it’s not even his words, just his trailing dog end.

The best Pixar scene stealers

Heimlich in A Bug’s Life

All poor Heimlich wanted in life was to be a butterfly, but his endearing accent and bright colours made us all want him to stay a chubby caterpillar.

The best Pixar scene stealers

Hopper in A Bug’s Life

Kevin Spacey as the scary and intimidating Hopper in the film was a genius casting, he sets the mood perfectly and although he’s a character that we’re supposed to fear and hate, he’s nothing but gold when he’s on the screen.

The best Pixar scene stealers

Wheezy in Toy Story 2

It's no small feat to be labelled a scene stealer in a Pixar film, least of all in Toy Story 2, which is why Wheezy's appearance (he's only in two short scenes) is all the more impressive. He's cute, charming and memorable from the second Woody pulls back the dusty books on the 'broken toy shelf' and finds the little penguin stranded there. You can't help but sing along during the closing scene as well.

The best Pixar scene stealers

Bullseye in Toy Story 2

Bullseye might not talk in the films, but that doesn't mean we can't love him, his eyes say it all and his goofy legs definitely make him a character to remember.


The best Pixar scene stealers

Roz in Monsters, Inc

Roz is the perfect caricature of the crabby, bitter receptionist. Her bland, grinding voice is funny as Mike tries to playfully sweet her, which musters up some entertaining exchanges.

Roz is a minor character in the film, and while most of the film she is portrayed as suspicious and cynical, the good-guy twist, in the end, adds the perfect dimensionfor her. The best Pixar scene stealers

Bruce in Finding Nemo

Bruce is in fact inspired by the mechanical Jaws from Steven Spielberg's classic film. The shark is supposed to be feared, but in reality, Bruce is polite and kind - he just struggles against his natural killer instinct.

A vegetarian Great White shark is a fresh, hilarious idea, as the airtime Bruce gets is filled with memorable action and witty lines.

The best Pixar scene stealers

Crush & Squirt in Finding Nemo

Who could  not like Crush and Squirt, the loveable sea turtles that appeared in Finding Nemo and will thankfully make a return in Finding Dory too. Nemo was fascinated with the sea turtles, and these characters ensured we were too.


The best Pixar scene stealers

Edna Mole in The Incredibles

A Pixar adventure about a family of superheroes was always a can't-miss idea, but the appearance of Edna Mode, as their diminutive costume designer, takes The Incredibles to another level.

Incredibly sassy and self-assured, the character provides plenty of laughs whenever she's on screen.

The best Pixar scene stealers

Dug the Dog in Up

More than just comic relief, the relentlessly upbeat, charmingly naive talking dog, Dug, represents both the surreal wonderland that the heroes drop into and the sunny outlook they eventually learn to adopt. Dug is a stroke of comic genius and pretty much irresistible. "My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you. Squirrel!"

The best Pixar scene stealers

Lots-O’-Huggin Bear in Toy Story 3

Lots-O’-Huggin Bear ‘Lotso’ had us all fooled for the first part of Toy Story 3, then he turned villain.

Lotso" is so psychologically scarred from being left behind by his owner that he creates his own fascist state at a local daycare, deciding who gets played with properly and who gets ripped apart by toddlers. He’s not a very nice guy. And yet that is what is so great about his character. He’s the villain we love to hate, and somehow end up feeling sorry for too.

The best Pixar scene stealers

Art in Monsters University

It's not just his daft and crazy dexterity the floppy-limbed monster has that makes him great, but he's given some of the best lines in the film. "I have an extra toe! ...Not with me, of course." Out of all the new support characters, Art stands out and certainly the funniest.

The best Pixar scene stealers

Bing Bong in Inside Out

Inside Out is a movie about growing up and becoming more complex emotional beings — not just base reactions like Joy, Sadness, Anger. Bing Bong is a furry pink elephant with a hobo suit and a bowler hat, and Riley's imaginary childhood friend. The film might leave you with tears of laughter at the start, but the ending will definitely have you shedding tears of sadness when Bing Bong knows it's time to make the ultimate sacrifice.


The best Pixar scene stealers

Hank in Finding Dory

Hank is kind of a grumpy dude, but despite his slightly harsh nature and mild frustration with Dory - he's a gem. His tough facade is easy to look past, and once you do you'll surely love this octopus - actually, he’s a ‘septopus’ he lost a tentacle.The best Pixar scene stealers