A roundup of the best straighteners for fine hair in 2017

Taryn Davies
Published: October 8, 2017

Fine hair is not a problem if you know how to style it, and choosing the right hair tools for you is the best start. This is our guide to the standout straighteners for fine hair.

Just because you have fine hair, it doesn't mean you have fewer hairs on your scalp than those with thicker locks. Fine hair actually refers to the diameter of each strand. In fact, the chances are if you have fine hair, you're likely to have more hair strands than those with other hair types, because your scalp can fit in more of them.

Because each of the strands is thinner you don’t want to apply too much heat to the hair, plus chances are your hair is mostly straight anyway, you may need to just tame flyaway hairs or fight some frizz. With that said, here are the hair tools we think would be best for your fine locks.

Let's take a look at the best straighteners for fine hair in 2017.

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Straightener

The Pansonic brand is synonymous with high-quality technology and their latest developments in hair tools most definitely doesn’t disappoint. With five temperature settings, you can choose the right one for your hair. The lowest temperature is just 150°C which is ideal for those with fine hair because you don’t want to frazzle your locks.

Not only is the varying temperatures a great design point of the Panasonic Nanoe hair straightener, but the moisturising nanoe particles also give your hair a soft and hydrated look, no one wants dry, crispy hair after they’ve used heat on it.


Panasonic Nanoe Hair Straightener review TheFuss.co.uk [amazon box="B00SX5SERU"]

ghd Platinum Styler 

The ghd Platinum styler is the top straightener from the brand, designed with tri-zone technology that’s designed to only benefit your hair. The downside is ghd straighteners only come with one temperature, a temperature that ghd scientists have said is the optimum temperature for styling your locks. But the tri-zone technology ensures that this temperature is maintained across the entire plate whilst you style, so there are no varying heat spots which cause damage to your hair. Maintaining this heat helps reduce hair breakage by over 50%, plus it also increases shine. So while it might only have one temperature, the fact that it guarantees this one temperature at all times, is actually better for your hair’s health.

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Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener

Glide this straightener through your hair with ease, the Karmin Salon Pro Straightener is packed with high-quality ceramic, so there's no tugging or pulling. In fact, the G3 styling plates are made of the same ceramic material used by NASA. Work your way through styling your fine hair quickly with these straighteners, and know your hair won't be burnt to a crisp afterwards either.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener review TheFuss.co.uk

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Nicky Clarke DesiRED straightener

The Nicky Clarke DesiRED straightener was given an update last year and it now boasts 11 different temperature settings ensuring your hair doesn’t suffer too much damage from heat.

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FHI Heat Platform straightener

The staggering range of temperatures on the FHI Heat Platform iron can heat up to make it ideal for almost every single woman. Temperature settings range from as low as 60°C to 230°C, which is by far the widest temperature variation available on the market, meaning you can straighten or curl your hair and know that you aren’t baking or damaging it thanks to ceramic and tourmaline plates, Nano-Fuzeion Technology, gentle infrared heat, and low EMF.

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T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron

This straightener is designed to do what its name says, be a single pass through your hair, cutting down the time you spend with the heat on your hair, which is ideal for those with fine hair.

The T3 Singlepass Straightening Iron uses digital technology to monitor the plate temperature as you use it, so it keeps the same temperature as you use it, preventing over or under heating. The ceramic surface of the plates guarantees snag-free use too, as well tourmaline technology for a smooth and frizz-free locks.

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Diva Professional Genesis Digital Styler

With a temperature as low as 110°C the Diva Professional Genesis Digital Styler is a great tool for those with fine hair. It takes just seven seconds to heat up to 110°C as well.

The straighteners also boast specially developed Heat Boost Technology which helps to avoid drops in temperature by boosting the heat for maximum performance. It manages 12°C per second, which means it’s one of the best heat recovery tools out there. Which is a great feature for ensuring your hair isn’t damaged by varying heat spots on the tool.

Diva Professional Genesis Digital Styler review TheFuss.co.uk [amazon box="B016INBRCC"]