Best Summer Gym Buddy Workouts

Published: July 13, 2017

Sometimes it's not as easy to be healthy as you'd hope when you're trying to get the right lifestyle for summer, especially when whenever you go to the gym alone everyone else seems to be having a much better time there than you. In times like this, the best thing you can do is to find yourself a gym buddy to exercise with, so you can push each other to do more as well as have fun while you're working out. And to help you to get those gym bodies you're both looking for, here is a list of some of our favourite gym buddy exercises that can help you to work on your abs, arms and glutes. The most you'll need for these exercises is a medicine ball and maybe a pair of resistance bands, but the medicine ball can easily be replaced by anything weighted as long as you're careful with it.

High-Low Twist and Pass

Best Summer Gym Buddy WorkoutsBoth partners begin by standing back to back and begin with Partner one passing the ball in a right diagonal movement across their right shoulder, where Partner two will take the ball and draw it down and across their body. Both partners then bend into a squat while Partner two passes the ball back to Partner one by their left shins, where Partner one will then take the ball and bring it back up across their body to repeat the cycle. This should be repeated for between 10-15 reps of this and then the direction the ball is passed in should be switched.

 Lateral Lunge with a ThrowBest Summer Gym Buddy Workouts

Partners should stand about three feet away from each other and face each other. Both partners should take a step to their left so they aren't directly opposite each other, where the first partner can hold the ball to their chest and take a wide step to their right whilst sending their hips back and keeping their abs tight as they enter their low lateral lunge and bring the ball down to their right side. Partner two should mimic Partner one's actions but without the ball and so that they are leaning away from their partner. Both partners should then push back up with their right leg, where Partner one will then throwBest Summer Gym Buddy Workouts the medicine ball to Partner two and continue the pattern. This should be repeated for between 8-12 reps before switching sides.

Sit-up Pass

For this exercise, both partners lie facing upwards with their knees bent and their ankles overlapping. The first partner will hold the ball overhead with their arms extended and will then contract their abs and sit up, bringing up their arms while holding the medicine ball. Partner two will mimic these actions without the ball and will sit up so that they are facing each other. Partner one will then hand over the ball to Partner two and they then both lower again and extend their arms overhead so that Partner two can touch the ball to the floor and then continue the cycle.

Wheelbarrow Push-up with SquatBest Summer Gym Buddy Workouts

The first partner will begin this exercise in a high plank position with their arms straight, their shoulders above their wrists and keeping their core tight when Partner two stands at Partner one's feet and lifts Partner one's feet one at a time so that they are in the wheelbarrow position. From this Partner one will lower into a push-up while keeping their back and legs straight and their core tight, and Partner two will lower at the same time as Partner one does into a squat by sending their hips back and bending their knees. Partner two's knees should be in line with their ankles, and their back should be straight and their core tight. Both partners should rise into their start position simultaneously, and all of this should be repeated for about 8-12 reps where they will then switch roles.

Bodyweight SquaBest Summer Gym Buddy Workoutst

Both partners should start this exercise stand facing each other at arms length with their feet planted slightly wider than hip width as they grip each other's forearms, or use resistance bands. From here they maintain a secure grip and lower into a squat by pushing their hips back and bending both of their knees equally while keeping their core tight. They hold this position for a moment before slowly returning to their starting position. This should be repeated for about 10-12 reps.

Triceps PassBest Summer Gym Buddy Workouts

One partner holds a medicine ball in both of their hands overhead while Partner two lies on the floor with their head by Partner one's feet and grabbing their ankles. Partner one will lower the ball behind their head while keeping their elbows close to their ears. Partner two will then lift their legs towards the ceiling while Partner one straightens their arms and leans forward. Partner one will then place the ball between Partner two's feet, where Partner two will then lower their legs towards the floor - making sure their lower back doesn't arch off the floor before bringing their legs back up to Partner one, finishing one rep. They should complete around 20 reps before switching positions and repeating.

Back-to-back Squats

Best Summer Gym Buddy WorkoutsPartner's stand back to back and lock hands so that they can balance their weight together. Each partner inches their feet out in front of them, and then together they squat down as far as possible while keeping their knees behind their toes. As they stand again they push back up into each other, using each other's weight to stand back up.

Partner Hip Bridges

Both partners lie on their back with their feet pressed together creating a tension against their legs. Together they lift their hips up in the air, raising their legs into the air and pushing into each other's feet, squeezing their glutes. After briefly holding this they then lower their hips to the ground, before repeating.