Our guide to the best vegan mascaras for 2018

Taryn Davies
Published: May 4, 2018

Finding the right mascara can be a minefield, but then when you limit yourself down to Vegan formulas you’re limited to what you can choose, so we’ve picked out the best of the bunch to help you on your way to long and fluttery lashes.

These vegan mascaras will add definition, boost volume and lengthen your lashes with one quick sweep, extra sweeps suggested to amp up your look.

This is our guide to the best vegan mascaras available in the UK now.

The Body Shop Lash Hero Mascara

The Lash Hero Mascara is a great vegan option, and perfect for those with sensitive eyes too. The colour of this mascara is really pigmented, and the ingredients help to nourish your lashes too, so your lashes become healthier and stronger over time too.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Certified by PETA, the Too Faced mascara is a cult beauty product, and with excellent reason too. The Better Than Sex mascara gives you a volume boost in just one coat, leaving your lashes looking fabulous in one quick sweep.

Milani Length in Seconds Lash Extensions.

Want to really add some length to your lashes without the faff of falsies? Then you need Vegan-friendly Milani Length in Seconds Lash Extensions. The fibre mascara is designed to be used alongside another mascara of your choice, and the tiny fibres stick to your lashes to give you a longer look. Simply swipe on another mascara, go in with a quick sweep of the Milani Lash Extensions, then another layer of your mascara to seal it all in. Incredibly quick for a false-lash effect.

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Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

The Tarte mascaras are a firm favourite and this is another Lash Fibre extension mascara that’s perfect for extra long lashes in a flash. The Peta-certified mascara is a 4-in-1 which is designed to condition, curl, lengthen and add volume. The only downside to this mascara is that you might find it go a little clumpy when you first get to grips with using it, so keep a spoolie to hand to help comb through your lashes for a gorgeous finish.

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Marks and Spencer Never Ending Lashes Mascara

Marks and Spencer might be your first port of call for quality lingerie, but their beauty and makeup range is actually pretty excellent too. Their Never Ending Lashes Mascara is an excellent vegan mascara option, they have a few other vegan mascara options too, but this one stands out thanks to its long and thin brush which helps you to reach even the smallest lashes. This mascara comes in both brown and black and leaves you with long, long lashes that are coated evenly.

Ilia Mascara

The Ilia vegan Mascara is packed with ingredients designed to nourish your lashes, so it gives them a treat whilst it defines them and makes your eyes pop. The certified organic ingredients include vitamin E and aloe, which is great if your lashes have suffered from overuse of lash extensions and falsies. The other great thing about this mascara is that there’s no hint of flaking throughout the day.

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Benecos Vegan Volume Mascara

The Benecos Vegan Volume Mascara stands out as an affordable vegan mascara option, that leaves you with gorgeously lengthened lashes that doesn’t flake, no clumps, and layers easily. The mascara is formulated with ingredients like vitamin E, avocado oil and wheat protein to benefit the lashes, the large bristled brush means it’s quick and easy to coat your lashes in the highly pigmented colour.

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand synonymous with excellent, high quality beauty products, and the Full Fat Lashes mascara is nothing short of a standout vegan option. The award-winning mascara coats your lashes evenly, separating beautifully to give you plenty of length, volume and drama to your lashes. The bristles coat even the shortest lashes, and the formula can easily be built up for multiple coats that don’t go clumpy.

Pacifica Stella Gaze Mineral Mascara

The Pacifica Stella Gaze Mascara is formulated with coconut oil and vitamin B to help nourish your lashes, as well as lengthening and adding volume to your eyes. The formula helps to hydrate your lashes and strengthen them over time.