Billion Dollar Smile LED mini light teeth whitening kit review

Taryn Davies
Published: December 30, 2017

Billion Dollar Smile LED Mini Light Teeth Whitening Kit Review dazzling, bright white smile needn’t be an elusive dream thanks to the Billion Dollar Smile LED mini light teeth whitening kit. A handy home device that’s easy to use and makes a big difference to the colour of your teeth.

The kit works together by combing LED light and a gel formula to ensure teeth are bright, white and beautiful in less than 10 minutes.

The LED light is designed to help cut down the treatment time and used with the gentle, 100% natural gel formation it effectively helps to lift stains and brighten teeth. It manages to do this without causing damage to tooth enamel either.

The LED Mini Light Kit includes:

  • 3 non-peroxide gel syringes
  • 5 LED mini light
  • Mouthguard
  • Instruction manual
  • Teeth whitening chart
  • Top Up Gel also available to buy

Billion Dollar Smile LED Mini Light Teeth Whitening Kit Review active ingredient in the gel is accelerated by the easy to use LED light which cuts down treatment time. Containing a 100% natural, cruelty-free formulation with Aloe Vera and Pomegranate Extract, the teeth whitening kit is gentle on sensitive teeth.

A cost-effective solution to a noticeably whiter smile. The top-up gel can be bought separately too for long-lasting results.

How it works

The kit is incredibly simple to use. You put the mouthguard on the LED light and put half of the syringe of gel on the top and bottom part of the guard. One syringe of gel should last you two applications.

Once you’ve applied the gel you simply press the button on the light for it to come on, it’s timed to turn off after ten minutes. They recommend that you use it for the full ten minutes and say that you can press the button a further two times to make up to 30 minutes per use on one day. But personally, ten minutes is more than enough to get this product working.

Once the light goes out, remove the mouthguard and rinse out your mouth and wash the guard and you’re good to go. Teeth will look brighter and whiter and won’t feel any different. The kit is designed to be used in six consecutive days, and as you can expect you’re told to avoid drinking and eating things that will stain your teeth like curries, red wine, coffee and tea.

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Leaves teeth looking brighter and whiter, easy to use, doesn’t take up a lot of time, can be used while you’re doing other things, gentle on teeth, teeth feel perfectly normal after using the kit, no taste on the gel


It is a little expensive

Bottom Line

The Billion Dollar Smile LED mini light teeth whitening kit is extremely easy to use and leaves your teeth looking whiter and brighter. It’s non-peroxide so there’s no damage to your teeth, gums or tooth enamel either. The gel feels really gentle on your teeth and there’s no taste either.

Billion Dollar Smile

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