Blank Canvas Cosmetics Dimension Brush review

Taryn Davies
Published: February 2, 2017

Need some Valentine’s gift inspiration? Then look no further than the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Dimension series brushes, which have been given a glossy makeover, but still have the signature professional and brilliant bristles to help apply your makeup with ease.

Multiple Black Canvas Hero brushes have been given a classy makeover and now come in various colours including the gorgeous Champagne Pink and Rose Gold.

Real Techniques Dupe

This new makeover ensures that these brushes are the perfect dupe for the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection.

Not only will they look great on your dressing table, but they’re incredibly professional too, helping to apply your makeup like a dream.

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Blank Canvas Brush Review

The F20 Flat Buffer Brush

F20 HD Buffer Brush

The Buffer Brush makes for the perfect application of foundation, whether you’re using a liquid, cream or powder type. The densely packed brushed ensures the foundation is buffed beautifully in the skin, and helps to create a flawless finish to the face.

The brushes, also short and dense, feel soft on the skin and don’t drag your skin as you move around the face. This brush makes it perfect to create the finish for you too, whether you want a light, medium or full coverage makeup look.

Blank Canvas Brush Review

The F06 Bevelled Foundation/Contour Brush

F06 Bevelled Foundation/Contour Brush

The contouring makeup trend isn’t going to die off anytime soon, and investing in a contour brush is the first step to create a flawless look. The sloped, soft bevelled design is ideal for working along the contours of the face.

This is a great multi-purpose brush that you could use to apply foundation, contour, concealer or blush. The bristles are angled to shape the natural contours of your face, which makes application that little easier, and the soft bristles feel lovely on the skin as you glide over it.

Blank Canvas Brush Review

The F41 Flat Tapered Cheek Brush

F41 Flat Tapered Cheek Brush

Add a beautiful splash of colour to the face with the Flat Tapered Cheek Brush. The brush picks up colour easily in the pan, and the small brush head means you can target the colour to where you’d like to wear it. This brush is another multi-purpose and would also be great for contour, powdering small areas or baking too.

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Densely packed bristles, soft on skin, apply makeup flawlessly, look a lot more expensive than they are


You can only order them online – which is a shame because we want the whole collection today

Bottom line

The Blank Canvas Makeup Brushes would be a welcome addition to any makeup collection, they’re all made from high-quality antibacterial, easy to clean synthetic fibres that feel soft on the skin and ensure you apply product seamlessly to your skin.

Tips to get the most from your brushes: To avoid premature wear and tear of your brushes, make sure to take good care. If you see product building up further than halfway down the brush head, it means you're using your brush incorrectly. If your brush is saturated in product, it will not last.

How to wash: Use a daily brush spray to wipe off excess product building up on your brush. Deep clean when very dirty using a gentle brush soap or shampoo. Use only very small amounts (pea-sized) of product to wash your brush and rinse thoroughly. Avoid allowing water run into the metal part.

Prices for all single brushes start at £6.50 to £14.50 and are available to buy at

Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas Cosmetics is the brainchild of makeup artist and entrepreneur Una Tynan and offers more than 70 high-quality brushes, palettes and cosmetic products at affordable prices.

It was founded in 2011 and has grown from strength to strength, frequently adding new products to the range which has grown extensively in the last 3 years.

The professional brush range has grown dramatically with over 50 styles of tools to choose from.

The aim is simple. They strive to produce superior quality products at an affordable price.  They pledge to continue to create beauty innovations that loyal customers will love.

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