Bondi Sands One Hour Express tan review

Taryn Davies
Published: March 28, 2018

No biscuit smell, no stained sheets and gorgeously tanned skin in an hour, the Bondi Sands One Hour Express is the fake tan you always needed and one you’ll never want to give up once you’ve tried it.

Bondi Sands One Hour Express Tan Review One Hour Express is designed to give you the ultimate bronzed experience in just 60 minutes.

The self-tanning foam has been created by Australia’s number one self-tanning brand and is designed to give you a dark tan in an hour, which means you can wash it off before bed and not have to worry about staining your bed sheets.

Applying the Bondi Sands Express tan

The tan is a foam texture, and it’s a lot thicker than other tanning foams we’ve used before. It applies easily and smoothly over the skin, and because it absorbs so quickly you’ll have to work quickly to spread this evenly over the skin. But there’s already a hint of colour in the foam so you can easily see where you’ve applied the product, to ensure a streak-free finish.

The smell and finish

One of the standout points of this Express tan is that there’s not a hint of biscuit smell, there’s a strong coconut scent, which is only unfortunate if you have a dislike for coconuts. In fact, my boyfriend even mentioned the fact I’d smothered myself in coconut and there was no mention of fake tan, which he is always quick to point out.

The foam absorbs really quickly into the skin, which is why you’ll need to work quickly with this product, and skin feels soft and moisturised. There was a hint of tackiness straight after application, but give it a few minutes and you can apply clothes without a sticky feeling.


The Bondi Sands One Hour Tan is designed to develop quickly, and leave you with a deep tan in just an hour. But even if you don’t have a full hour, 30 minutes is enough to give you the equivalent of their light/medium self-tanning foam.

To get the deepest tan you can from this product, the bottle recommends leaving it on for two to three hours.

Bondi Sands One Hour Express Tan Review an hour you’ll definitely see a difference to your skin with a dark tan that makes an impact but looks natural too. However, if you’re used to wearing your tans overnight and getting the darkest possible colour, you might want to leave it on for the full three hours before you wash it off.


Applies easily, absorbs quickly, smells gorgeous, develops quickly, don’t have to worry about stained sheets,


Can feel a little tacky straight after application but this goes away after a few minutes

Bottom Line

The Bondi Sands One Hour Express tan is definitely a product to add to your beauty line up, it’s perfect for those last-minute plans and you need a quick tan. It’s also great if you’d prefer not to have to wash your sheets every few days to avoid fake tan staining them.

The product itself is simply gorgeous, it smells really lovely with a strong coconut scent and no hint of biscuits. The foam is thick and easy to work into the skin, it does absorb quickly, so don’t take your time applying it.

The foam also has a hint of colour which is ideal for seeing where you’ve applied the product and ensures you get a streak-free finish.

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