Boots Time Delay Cleansing Oil review

Taryn Davies
Published: July 6, 2016

Simple, effective and most importantly completely inexpensive, we love the Boots Time Delay Cleansing Oil, here’s why you will too.

Cleansing oils are our indulgent go-to for makeup removal, they’re incredibly nourishing and remove all traces of makeup in a gentle and effective manner – the Boots Time Delay Cleansing Oil is no different, plus is definitely one of the cheaper options available when it comes to cleansing oils.

Boots Time Delay Cleansing Oil review Time Delay Cleansing Oil ingredients

What’s more it has a list of ingredients that we know your skin with love, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, olive oil and the antioxidant vitamin E.

Grapeseed oil contains several potent antioxidants that help reduce the effect of sun damage and free-radical damage. The Rosehip oil helps promote skin healing, so will reduce the appearance of skin marks and cars. The Jojoba oil is a skin-repairing ingredient, Olive Oil can be anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. Finally, the vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can protect against photosensitivity.

Just a small amount of product works well to remove all traces of makeup, apply the product to dry skin, work in and apply a small amount of water to emulsify. One you’re happy you’ve removed all traces of makeup and given your skin a good clean, ensure all remnants of product are removed with a flannel or muslin cloth.

The bottle it comes in

The one downside to this product, the bottle it comes in. It doesn’t come with a pump, and this means you’re left to pour the oil into your hands, which can get quite messy quite quickly. It might be best to decant the oil into a pump bottle if you can. This means you’ll only use the desired amount of product, and it’ll be much less likely you’ll get it everywhere.

This cleanser is perfumed, but we don’t think it’s considerably overwhelming, but it might be one to consider if you have extremely sensitive skin.


Gentle, removes makeup easily, even waterproof makeup, skin nourishing ingredients, non-greasy


Bottle design – no pump means it can be a little messy to dispense

Bottom Line

An easy-to-use cleanser that gently and effectively removes all traces of makeup whilst leaving the skin feeling nourished and hydrated. Cleansing oils are a firm favourite in our beauty routine and the fact that this one has an RRP of just £5.99 makes it a standout product.

It’s currently on offer and often is in Boots as well. You should definitely stock pile the Boots Time Delay Cleansing Oil when you can get it at a discount.