Cheap festival clothes that will still earn you series style points

Taryn Davies
Published: April 25, 2018

Festival season is on its way and that means you’re scouring the shops and the internet looking for the best looks that are festival-ready, but of course, don’t cost the earth. So we’ve rounded up some cheap festival clothes and looks that will still earn you series style points.

The thing about festival clothes is that they’re likely to get covered in mud, maybe even left behind if you’re rushing to leave when it’s finally all over. So as much as you want to feel comfortable and look good, you don’t want to spend a small fortune on your festival wardrobe.

Thankfully there’s plenty of fast fashion sites that provide stylish festival clothes without the huge price tags, some of our favourites are Pretty Little Thing and Missguided, but you can still definitely grab some bargains on ASOS – especially when you keep your eyes peeled for any special promotions that they might be running.

Festival fashion saviours

Denim shorts

It’s the one fashion item you instantly think of when it comes to festival fashion, and it’s because they’re so versatile. You could easily pack just a pair of denim shorts and wear them for the duration of the festival creating different looks with the tops and accessories you choose. We love that there are so many variations on the high street to buy now, from ripped, studded, embroidered and more. There’s plenty of designs, styles, fit and colours to choose from when it comes to denim shorts.

T-shirt dresses

Easy to throw on, super comfortable to wear and they look really chic too. From plain and simple to distressed band t-shirts, anything goes. Plus, they’re perfect for when you’re dancing in the loo queue, there’s nothing quite as quick as a t-shirt dress when you really need the toilet.


Because when it’s wet in a field, and there are thousands of people trudging over the same mud things can get a little messy. Only packing sandals or trainers is a rookie mistake and the likelihood is if you’re attending a festival in the UK you’re going to need a pair of wellies, just in case.

Waterproof jacket

Again, the UK weather is to blame for this one. Rain jackets are pretty much an essential buy for throughout the spring and summer seasons. When it comes to a festival jacket you'll want one, even if it’s just a small foldable jacket, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Or have to fork out an extortionate amount on one whilst you’re at the festival. It’s essentially a plastic bag how can they justify charging £5 for it?!


So they might not be ideal when you’re desperate for the loo, but playsuits are a gorgeous style option nonetheless, the perfect for when you’re sitting on the ground or hopping on someone’s shoulders because there’s no chance of flashing the entire festival. Plus, they’re really easy and chic to wear. You’re pretty much guaranteed a failsafe fashionable option when it comes to a playsuit.