Christmas Gifts for Men: 2019

Taryn Davies
Published: November 14, 2019

Whether it's for your dad, your brother, a friend, or your significant other, buying presents for blokes can be difficult. Unless the person has a favourite hobby that makes it easy to find a gift for them, you might have no idea where to even start looking. There are often odd social rules for age or gender appropriate gifting that can turn shopping into a minefield (especially if the present is for a Secret Santa recipient that you don't really know that well). Luckily, we have a handy list of up-to-date Christmas gift ideas for men to help you out. Christmas shopping for the men in your life should be a breeze for Christmas 2019!

Tech Gifts for Men

Technology is unavoidable these days, and tech is still a male-dominant world. You don't even need a bigger budget to buy tech gifts if you go for tech accessories instead. Here are 6 tech gift ideas for men.

• Lazy Arm Phone Holder

Is the man you're shopping for always watching videos on his phone or tablet? Then you can make his life easier for only £9.99 with the Thumbs Up Lazy Arm for smartphones from ASOS (or this version).

• Charging Dock

Technology-fuelled existence is dependent on your devices being charged up for use, so a charging dock is a very simple yet practical gift. This small £11.99 version from Mugba fits a phone and a smartwatch.

• Tile Pro

Do you know a man who's always losing his wallet or keys? If that's the case, the Tile tracking device and app will be a small gift with a big effect. You can buy the Tile Pro directly for £29.99 (others are available).

• Smartphone Sanitiser

Considering the alarming statistics about mobile phones being dirtier than toilet seats, a smartphone sanitiser can make a great gift during flu season. This UV Sterilizer from XQAQX on Amazon costs £38.

• Wireless Headphones

Air pods are expensive and fiddly, wires get in the way - wireless headphones are a must for an on-the-go lifestyle. Currys sells classic Sony headphones for £44.99, or trendier Skullcandy headphones for £49.99.

• Smart Watch Exercise Tracker

For a man who likes to keep active, the latest slim-design fitness tracker from Fitbit could be exactly what he needs. The Fitbit Inspire HR model is available from Amazon for just £79.37 now (RRP £89.99).

Clothing Gifts for Men

New clothes are always useful, as long as they suit the recipient's personal tastes. Of course, you should only purchase clothing if you know their sizing, or if it is a one-size-fits-all item, to avoid awkwardness.

• Hat, Scarf & Gloves

Just because it's winter doesn't mean that everyone is wrapping up properly. A simple 3-piece hat, scarf, and gloves set is only £9.99 from H&M, or there is a fancier version in a gift box from Debenhams for £35.

• Comfy Dressing Gown

If you know a man who has no loungewear, or worse, lounges in his underwear, then get him a dressing gown. This hooded fleece dressing gown is only £19.99 from New Look, or a supersoft M&S one is £29.50.

• Smart Dress Shirt

Every man needs a smart shirt for formal occasions, but unfortunately, not every man owns one. You can rectify this if you know their shirt size by purchasing a simple dress shirt from a shop like Debenhams.

• Straightforward Socks

Men can never have enough clean pairs of socks. Whether you decide to go the novelty route or stick to something smarter, Next offers a range of men's socks - embroidered, patterned, or smartly gift-boxed.

Accessory Gifts for Men

In keeping with gifting men with practical items for everyday use, there are many accessories that you could buy for men to update their look or their lifestyle. Here are some options for accessories for men.

• Stylish Timepiece

A Rolex may be over budget, but that doesn't mean you can't gift a loved one with a smart men's watch. You can pick out a simple classic Timex for £69.99 - £74.99, or splash out for a Tommy Hilfiger for £99.

• Cuff Links (For That Smart Shirt)

If you buy a plain dress shirt you could supplement this gift with a nice set of cuff links. For as little as £20 you can get customised cuff links, or get a fun pair from John Lewis like penguins or paper planes.

• Wallet or Cardholder

A tidy leather wallet is a classic accessory. However, many people prefer card over cash these days, so you could buy a cardholder instead - or get both from Savile Row for just £16.99 from TK Maxx (RRP £60).

• Useful Multi-Tool

Mr Fix-It can always be the hero of the hour with a handy mini multi-tool gadget. Try the £8.99 Wallet Ninja card from Firebox, or the £9.99 multi-tool flashlight keyring or pen from IWOOT (or a £14.99 crab).

• AirPods Case

An AirPods case cover is only a good gift if the recipient already owns AirPods. A simple silicone cover is only £6.99 from Amazon, or you could go for vintage leather for £17.99 or waterproof protection for £24.99.

Grooming Gifts for Men

Encourage men to take pride in their appearance with grooming tools to change and maintain their look. You could double up with skincare to soothe shaved skin if they tend to get razor burn when they shave.

• Beard Trimmer

Whether clean-shaven or bearded, you could help men to tidy up their facial hair with a multi-grooming trimmer. A Braun Multi-Grooming Kit or a BaByLissMEN 10-in-1 Trimmer is just £19.99 from Superdrug.

• Shaving Apron

Partners or roommates will thank you if you give a messy man a shaving apron. The Beard Buddy is only £9.99 from Prezzybox but stops men from blocking plugholes and getting hair everywhere when shaving.

• Travel Razor

Any men who hit the road regularly will require a travel razor kit. Gilette sells a Mach3 Razor Travel Bag gift set for £13.49. Alternatively, a Remington compact electric travel razor costs £14.49 from Superdrug.

•  0101204 2American Crew Grooming Set

Bundled in a sophisticated wash bag, this grooming set is perfect for the man in your life, and includes shaving gel, finishing spray and shampoo! Shop now over on the American Crew website.

• Skincare Sets for Men

Men need to take care of their skin too. O'Keeffe's heavy-duty skincare set is £11.99 from Boots. For £15, Superdry's Sport Active set also comes with a hat. The Jack Wills Toolbox gift set sells for the same price.

Alcohol Gifts for Men

Christmas and the following New Year is party season, so as long as the person is actually a drinker and not teetotal, there shouldn't be a problem with gifting some booze. You can make it funny or stay classy.

• Man Flu Gift Set

Man flu, also known as the common cold, is likely to afflict many men this winter. Just in case, you could give them the Debenhams Man Flu Mug Set for £12.50 to help soothe sore throats with whisky and honey.

• Beer and Snacks

For a man with simpler tastes, the Pig Night In gift set from Prezzybox could be just the ticket. For £14.99, they will get two bottles of beer and two packets of BBQ pork crackling from the Snaffling Pig company.

• Whisky Tasting Set

For a connoisseur rather than a would-be comedian, the Whisky Tasting Experience from M&S is just £15 and contains four 5cl bottles of malt and scotch whisky. If they prefer port or gin, these are also available.

• Craft Beer Tasting Set

You can make a simple beer gift more interesting by choosing a craft beer tasting selection. Tesco offers a 3-pack of British Craft Ales for as little as a fiver, and for the same price, you can get Lagers of the World

• Personalised Hip Flask

A 6oz stainless steel hip flask is perfect for the man who likes a sneaky drink on the go. For £12.99, Very allows you to dictate a custom personalised message of up to 80 characters to be engraved on the flask.

• SC CHRISTMAS PROMO 2 ResizedWhisky Subscription with Summerton Whisky Club

For £50 every other month, you can give the gift of exclusive and craft whiskeys to your loved one this Christmas with Summerton Whisky Club! All post and packaging is included, and you can choose when your subscription is delivered.

Novelty Gifts for Men

Maybe you prefer to buy slightly quirky or silly gifts, or something novel that is also actually quite useful as well. If you are running out of present ideas for men, maybe one of the novelty gifts below will work.

• Desktop Games

You could make working in an office more fun with a miniature version of a sport or game for less than £10. It could be desktop basketball, desktop pool, the world's smallest table tennis or even mini Twister.

• All-in-One Frying Pan

Do you know a man who loves a fry-up but hates washing up? The VonShef Multi-Section Frying Pan costs £21.99 and has separated sections for cooking multiple foods at once without them mixing up.

• Temperature Control Smart Mug

Whether they prefer coffee or tea, they'll appreciate a hot drink that stays warm as long as they need it to. An Ember temperature control mug costs £79.99... or you could just buy a mug warmer for £7.99 instead.

0857087541Scented Candles

The joy of scented candles should know no gender boundaries. Invest in a nice big candle for £20-£25 so they can enjoy a home smelling of frosted spruce, crackling wood fire, or sueded sandalwood for hours.

• Books

If the man in your life loves reading, why not get him something small to get him through the new year like the Positive Thinking Pocketbook or The Polymath? Both great options for engaged readers and can be found on Wiley.