Clarol Sebopure acne treatment review

Taryn Davies
Published: February 23, 2017

Clarol Sebopure Review of spots and acne? Found that no matter what you do they won’t seem to budge? Clarol Sebopure could be the answer you’re looking for.

The sebum purifier is designed to help treat and reduce spots and acne by keeping sebum production pure.

How Sebopure works

Skin prone to acne and breakouts produces excess sebum. But it’s not the amount of sebum being produced that is the problem. Acne is caused by the oxidisation of this excess sebum as it reaches the skin’s surface mixed with external dirt and bacteria. This contaminated mix causes the sebum to quickly become ‘rotten’ leading to pore blockages and inflammation.

What’s in it?

Sebopure contains a patented natural ingredient called Pixalia made from a concentrated leaf oil extract from the Cleome Gynandra (wild mustard) plant. Pixlalia has been scientifically proven as an active preserver due to naturally derived Rutin and hydroxycinnamic acid present in the plant extract.

Instead of working against the skin’s natural processes through the use of harsh anti-bacterial agents or sebum blocking products, Sebopure works in harmony with the skin’s natural sebum production, keeping sebum pure to prevent acne while not damaging or drying skin.


Hydrating yet lightweight, doesn't clog the skin, helps to reduce spots, works on both face and body acne, Vegan, FREE from parabens, perfumes, SLS and MI

Clarol Sebopure Review


Those with dry skin might not find this as moisturising as they need it to be, there's a slight scent that might be offputting to some

Bottom line

Need a treatment for your spotty, acne-prone skin? Then Sebopure from Clarol is definitely a product to try. It works in a unique way to help purify the excess sebum that is produced by our skin, helping to prevent blockages, inflammation and puss forming – basically those pesky spots that appear when you least need them too.

It’s a lightweight moisturiser that feels gentle on the skin, and helps to keep it feeling moisturised, whilst cleaning the area through neutralising and oxidation. Expect your skin to look clearer and brighter and feel less greasy too.

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Clarol skincare is a revolutionary new skincare range for acne. Clarol products contain naturally active ingredients that work in conjunction with the body’s natural resistance to acne to help fight acne and breakouts while keeping skin healthy and strong.

Unlike conventional anti-acne treatments, Clarol products strengthen, enhance and protect the body’s natural resources for preventing and fighting acne without damaging surrounding skin, in fact, all Clarol products are actively good for surrounding healthy skin.

Due to the overuse of anti-bacterial agents for treating acne, many acne sufferers have developed resistance against or over sensitivity to anti-acne treatments, meaning over time they become less and less effective and more and more problematic to use.