Cloud Nine Original Iron hair straightener review

Taryn Davies
Published: October 10, 2017

The Cloud Nine Iron created a lot of buzz when it first launched all those years ago, and it still stands out as a high quality and professional tool.

Robert Powls left ghd and decided he would create hair tools that are even better, so with that we got Cloud Nine, a line of must-have tools for salon-quality hair.

How the Cloud Nine Original Iron works

  • Ceramic plates
  • Easy to see temperature control
  • Long swivel cord for ultimate movement
  • Automatically turns itself off
  • Comes with protecting heat guard
  • Floating plates
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Cloud Nine Original Iron hair straightener review

Design features of the Cloud Nine Original Iron

The Cloud Nine Iron doesn't just straighten your hair, leaving it looking glossy and smooth, but you can also create curls and waves in your locks too with the multi-use too.

Avoid snagging your locks as you style thanks to the floating design of the ceramic plates, which guarantees that they glide through your locks. You can also easily control the temperature, while the clever MicroComputer heating system and sensor adjust the heat as you straighten to ensure this iron is kind to your hair.Cloud Nine Original Iron hair straightener review

The mineral-infused design helps to maintain an even heat across the plates to give you a wonderfully professional finish.

They even have a mysterious ingredient that the brand won't disclose, but it's there to add a little extra shine and gloss to your locks.

Heat settings

There's a choice of five temperature settings with the Iron, allowing you to choose the right one for your hair. Plus, it's easy to control, with just one button to change between the heat settings.

Cloud Nine Original Iron hair straightener review

Cloud Nine tools are all designed with a MicroComputer controlled heating system, but what does this do exactly? This allows the tool to have an even temperature across the surface of the plate, meaning you don't get hot or cold spots on the surface which can wreak havoc on your hair's health.

Intelligent Sleep Technology

This design feature ensures you don't worry about leaving your tools on, because 30 minutes after you've turned them on they'll turn themselves off and cool down automatically. Perfect for those days when you have a million and one things to remember and do. Cloud Nine Original Iron hair straightener review


The Cloud Nine Iron is a standout tool that rivals the premium straighteners on the market, the design of the tool allows you to create numerous hair looks and you do it all with a selection of temperatures to choose from.

The iron is designed with high quality and professional technology that leaves your hair looking healthy, shiny and glossy and doesn't cause excessive heat damage on your locks either.


Cloud Nine Original Iron hair straightener review

Shop the Cloud Nine Original Iron

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Cloud Nine Micro Iron

The Cloud Nine Micro iron may be small in size but it definitely packs a punch in the performance department. It's only six inches long, so you can style shorter hair lengths, fringes and more. It's also one of the best straighteners for travelling too.

The straightener is just 15.5cm long and weighs just 350g, small but perfectly formed.

The iron might only be small, but it has plenty of the same design features as the Original Iron from Cloud Nine, although it doesn't come with the temperature guard. However, the heat guard and hibernation mode make it perfect for styling on the go.

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Cloud Nine Wide Iron

The Cloud Nine Wide Iron is the choice for those with thick or extra long locks. The iron boasts all the same design features as the Original Iron, it just allows you to move quickly through your hair becuase of the wider plates which are 4cm wide and 9cm long.

The waves you create with this iron will be a little looser than the original iron, but they're just as gorgeous and last just as long.

Style your hair in record time with the investment in the Cloud Nine Wide Iron.

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