Cloud Nine Original Wand review

Taryn Davies
Published: December 6, 2017

Since their launch in 2009 Cloud Nine has made an impression on the hair industry, with their professional products that produce salon-quality locks in the comfort of your own home. The Cloud Nine Original Wand would be a welcome addition to any hair toolkit.

It has a tapered and super smooth barrel which allows you to create tight vintage curls, soft tousled waves and much, much more.

Features of the Cloud Nine Original Wand

  • Smooth and glossy black barrel
  • Leaves your hair looking shiny and healthy
  • Easy to control temperature change
  • Three temperature settings
  • Unique swivel cord
  • Protective heat guard
  • Automatically turns off after 30 minutes of non-use
Cloud Nine Original Wand review
Cloud Nine Original Wand review

Design of the Cloud Nine Original Wand

The wand itself is sleek, black, tapered and a no-nonsense design. The tapered barrel provides you the freedom to create pretty much any type of curl in your hair; from small and tight to big and bouncy, you can create a look that suits your mood. The smooth barrel allows hair to move easily without breakage and you’re left with curls that are shiny and lustrous thanks to the mysterious ingredient in the barrel – whatever it is, it works.

Move around with ease thanks to the swivel cord design, and rest easy knowing the wand will go into hibernation mode after 30 minutes, which completely cools down the tool so you don't need to worry about burnt surfaces.

The tip of the wand is also cool to touch which gives you greater control when you're styling your hair too.


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There are three temperature settings to choose from with this wand, and you simply move through them with the touch of one button. The light will flash until the wand has heated up, which typically takes less than 30 seconds to do so.

The protective heat guard slips neatly over your wand barrel too, allowing you to leave it to cool down safely and not have to worry about burning surfaces.

Cloud Nine Original Wand review


If you’re the kind of person who really values quality and dedicated manufacturing, then the Cloud Nine Original Wand is the hair tool for you. Getting a more affordable product can frequently be a great idea but there is also sometimes a compromise. This wand may not be cheap, but it won’t make you compromise on anything.

Instead of being designed and manufactured down to a price, it has had technology and quality poured into it to make not the cheapest usable product, but the best product.

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