Cloud Nine The O review

Taryn Davies
Published: October 10, 2017

Cloud Nine The O hair toolkit is an innovative heated roller set which adds curls and volume to your locks in seconds rather than minutes.

This heated roller set is unlike anything you've seen before, and while it might be on the higher end of hair tools, it's definitely worth the money for the efficiency of the tool as well as the results it garners.

You’ll be delighted with the results of this heated roller kit, and be happy you invested in The O.

Cloud Nine The O review

The O Features

  • Super fast heat up – 4 seconds per roller
  • Cool-touch technology
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Limitless styling
  • Heat on demand
  • Eco-friendly

What’s in the box?

  • The O Pod
  • 4 x 30mm The O Rollers
  • 4 x 40mm The O Rollers
  • 4 x 50mm The O Rollers
  • 12 x The O Clips
  • Amplify Spray
  • Luxury Black Carry Case
Cloud Nine The O review

The O Design

The O is a heated styler that adds oomph to your hair in less than five seconds, meaning voluminous locks are achievable before breakfast.

It takes seconds to heat up the curler in the heat induction pod, and the technology ensures that these curls will heat up quickly, but manage to keep the heat inside of the curler, so you don't burn your hands as you place them in your hair.

Burnt fingers are no more *rejoices*.

When the roller is ready to be used, the little spot on each roller turns red, it then fades back to black when the curler has cooled this lets you know the curler can be taken out, it can be kept in longer if you like, but this red spot helps ensure you keep it in for the desired time.

The Ultimate set comes with a selection of rollers, every few are in a different size which is perfect for adding different curls or volume to the hair.

Cloud Nine The O review

Another great design feature of this tool is that it's incredibly energy efficient, it uses seven times less power than the more traditional sets of heated rollers.

You’re don't waste power by heating up an entire set of rollers, the O pod heats only the rollers you need as and when you need them.

The O Rollers are light to handle and use soft grip technology; this means that not only do the light-weight rollers sit comfortably within your hair, but they can be removed without dragging at your hair too.

With several sized rollers to choose from, you have the freedom to create a limitless range of styles. If you’re looking for extreme lift, big styles, or bouncing voluminous curls, the 60mm is ideal. For shorter hair that needs some extra bounce, try some of the smaller rollers.


Heating one roller at a time means you can take as little or as long as you want to style, and the fact that they heat up in seconds means you can style your hair in no time, you’ll always have heat on hand as soon as you want it.

The O features induction heating technology this allows the heat to be directed straight into the roller, rather than just surface. When you place the roller into the pod, it takes less than five seconds to heat it up. This allows you to quickly charge up each roller as you place them into your hair, meaning there's no wasted heat.

Our favourite design when it comes to heat though is that The O Rollers heat from the core outwards, so you won't end up with burnt fingers. This gives you plenty of time to carefully glide them into place for the perfect look without burning your hand or rushing your style.

Cloud Nine The O review

The O Pod is so fast that you can heat the roller you need exactly when you need it. Whether you have all night to get the look just right or are creating dramatic styles in a flash, The O will match your pace and deliver the heat as fast as you need it.

The other products in The O Ultimate Set

As listed above, if you’re buying The O Ultimate Set you get a few more added bits in the box; The O Perfect Fit Clips, these are lightweight but strong enough to keep the roller in place. Plus, the soft design ensures there won't be any kinks left in your hair.

The Amplify Spray ensures your hair is shiny and conditioned, plus it won't weigh down your locks or leave a residue in your hair.

Keep your O Pod packaged away in the sleek black case, which is small and discreet, but big enough to hold everything you need for your O.

Cloud Nine The O review

The O Summary

Create gorgeous volume, body and movement in your hair with The O by Cloud Nine.  This set is guaranteed to give your tresses some serious oomph.

The O is a stroke of hair styling genius; it’s a must-buy for big hair lovers and serial blow-driers. Prepare to be the subject of serious hair envy whenever you use The O.

Don’t scoff at the high price tag, just consider how much money you spend on blow dries each month and realise you can achieve the same style in the comfort of your own home whenever you like with The O.

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