Cloud Nine Waving Wand review

Taryn Davies
Published: November 24, 2017

The Cloud Nine Waving Wand is a winner of multiple beauty awards, and with good reason, it's a high quality that creates beautiful, loose and soft curls and waves in the hair.

The barrel is smooth and straight, and long enough to be used by those with long locks. The ceramic coated barrel is perfect for adding shine to your curls too.

Here’s why you need to buy the Cloud Nine Waving Wand.

Cloud Nine Waving Wand Features

  • Ceramic coated 38mm wide barrel
  • One touch temperature control
  • Clear LED display
  • Three temperature settings ranging from 130ºC - 180ºC
  • The kick-stand protects surfaces from damage as you style
  • Swivel cord
  • Unique identification chip
  • Optional hibernation mode
  • Euro plug with UK Fitting 240 V 50/60Hz 55W
  • Two-year manufacturing warranty
Cloud Nine Waving Wand review

Cloud Nine Waving Wand review

Cloud Nine Waving Wand Design

Cloud Nine The Waving Wand is designed to give professional, stylish waves, whatever your hair type, whatever your style. The uniform 38mm wide barrel offers much more flexibility than traditional curling tongs and maintains an even diameter across the length.

The Waving Wand not only creates a host of gorgeous waves but also gives a fantastic root lift too. You can achieve different results by increasing the heat setting and holding the section for longer or opt for a lower temperature setting and release the hair after a few seconds.

You can’t fail to notice the slick mineral-infused coating of the barrel on all the Cloud Nine Wands. All Cloud Nine Wand are coated with a premium mineral containing Cloud Nine’s unique element which lends shine and vibrancy every time you style.

The Hibernation Mode will automatically disable the tool after 30 minutes of not using it, so there's no need to panic if you can't remember if you've switched it off or not. They take care of themselves almost as much as your hair.

The Waving Wand is the complete package, it delivers big style with a big barrel and to ensure that you can handle and rest the styler safely, they've implemented a handy kickstand to rest your Wand and protect your surfaces.

There's also no chance of tangling yourself up in the cord as you style your hair, as the wand features a swivel cord.

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Cloud Nine Waving Wand review


The wand comes with a choice of three temperature settings too, ranging from 130ºC - 180ºC.

The one-touch temperature control lets you change the heat setting easily, and with the clear LED display you’ll always know what level of heat you’re using to style at any given time.

Cloud Nine Waving Wand Summary

Renowned for ‘The O’ heated rollers, we can happily say that Cloud Nine’s selection of Wands is just as iconic. The Cloud Nine Waving Wand delivers beautiful curls in an instant while protecting each and every strand.

This wand is the ultimate go-to to help take us from drab to fab. Fitted with a MiCOM controlled heating system, this wand calculates your surrounding conditions to calculate its temperature accordingly. This means, no more singed or burnt ends.

You also have a selection of high, medium and low settings, if you’d like to choose how defined you want your waves and curls to be. While holding your hair against the mineral-infused ceramic barrel, the wand’s incredible technology works to lock in moisture and seal the cuticle. This nifty wand also comes with a 2-pin plug adaptor, meaning it can be used anywhere in the world. Lavish and glamorous curls on the go, while being gentler to your hair - what’s not to love?

Cloud Nine Waving Wand review

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