Everything you need to know about creating the perfect Christmas Eve box

Taryn Davies
Published: November 21, 2018

Up the festive cheer and delight your loved ones with a Christmas eve box. Similar to a stocking, these lovely boxes are filled with goodies to enjoy the night before the big day. They are incredibly easy to put together but bring tons of joy, so why not get crafting and add your own touches? Whether it’s for a child or your partner, learn how to make the perfect Christmas Eve box here.

The box itself should have a lid and enough space to put all of the items inside comfortably. A shoebox works really well for smaller projects, but if you want to have something a bit more reusable or bigger, go for a wooden chest. Line the inside and outside of the box with any wrapping paper of your choosing; from simple but modern metallic prints to loud and proud festive patterns, the choice is yours. You can find some lovely ideas for inspiration here.

Now, it’s time to start adding your own personal touches to the box. You can find all the crafts you could ask for at an online store such as Homecrafts - they even have a christmas section for you to choose from. Try making designs from holographic sequins, or create a Christmas scene with snow spray, silver stars and customised MDF lettering. Whatever you decide, bring in elements of the family’s favourite things for a personalised finished. Make sure you place a lining of shredded tissue paper at the bottom for a more polished feel.

When you’re finished having fun with crafting, you can start filling the box. Choose a classic Christmas film to gift them, so you can snuggle under a blanket and watch it together before heading off to bed. If you’re stuck as to what film to buy, check out the list of popular family-friendly Christmas films by The Telegraph. If you’d rather keep technology away, try choosing a festive book instead - this is a hit with little ones, plus it means you can send them off to sleep with a story.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a mug of creamy hot chocolate, so add an indulgent hot chocolate stick to the box. They are easier to make than traditional powder formulas and look a lot better, too. Add some of their favourite sweets into the box to snack on during the film and you’ll be onto a winner. Popcorn, gingerbread or marshmallows are a great idea for this, otherwise, stick to their favourite treats.

Cosy pyjamas and slippers are an absolute must for these lovely pre-Christmas gifts. There’s nothing like getting cosy in a brand new set, although a themed onesie is a fun alternative. Get some that are warm and snuggly, such as ones that are lined or made of soft cotton. If you have enough room, you could put in a cosy fleece throw. If you’ve used a shoebox, you could put the PJs in a separate box and put the other goodies in the main Christmas eve box.

If you’re giving the box to an older person, you can add in scented candles and luxurious skin care products as a more extravagant present. Go one step further and make your own soap using essential oils using the guide from the Swoon Worthy blog. You can go for a similar route for kids too, they love colourful bath bombs and fun toys to play with whilst in the bath - plus, a bedtime bath might settle them as they wait for Santa's arrival.

A Christmas Eve box is a fun tradition to introduce this festive season, create your own that everyone will enjoy.