Dangers of wearing false eyelashes

Taryn Davies
Published: April 16, 2016

False lashes may be a pain to apply sometimes, but it’s all worth it when we have the wide-eyed doe-eyed effect we crave – but have you ever stopped to think about the dangers of wearing them?

Beauty chain store, Superdrug, have said that they sell over 4 million pairs of false eyelashes every year, and that women of all ages are buying into the trend. However - there are a number of reasons that people should think twice before donning their eyes with the latest trends.

The experts at Eyelash Logic, a clinically proven eyelash growth treatment that has recently launched in the UK, believe it's important that people know the dangers of false eyelashes.

Christopher Stephen, Director at Eyelash Logic said: "False eyelashes are so popular these days, yet they can cause significant problems. From irritation of the eye to traumatised hair follicles - there's a real danger of these ‘quick-fix' beauty buys becoming more harmful to self-esteem than it's worth. Eyelash Logic is different - it makes your natural lashes grow longer and thicker, meaning you have less reason to wear false lashes at all".

The dangers of wearing false eyelashes TheFuss.co.uk

Dangers of wearing false eyelashes

Here are Christopher's reasons why you should be taking care of your natural lashes, and avoiding false eyelashes:

  • False eyelashes can have a negative effect on natural eyelashes, causing them to fall out and leave patches. Wearers are particularly at risk when ‘doubling-up' on strips of eyelashes, or when sleeping in false eyelashes. The effects of a traumatised eyelash hair follicle can also lead to permanent damage whereby the natural eyelashes don't grow back.
  • The glue used to apply false eyelashes can create tension on the eyelid and natural eyelashes which, in turn, also adds a factor to why natural eyelashes fall out when wearing false eyelashes.
  • False eyelashes serve as a significant eye-hygiene risk. The false lashes trap dirt and bacteria that can irritate the eyes and eyelids. Natural eyelashes protect the eye from dust, sweat & foreign materials. If you haven't got any, or yours are damaged, you are putting your eye at serious risk of infection and irritation.
  • False eyelash glue can cause serious allergic reactions to the skin, but most importantly, the most sensitive area of the face. Perhaps the most shocking effect is that even the slightest irritation to the eye can damage the area, and in the most severe cases, cause loss of vision entirely.
The dangers of wearing false eyelashes TheFuss.co.uk