Three DC Comics Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movies

Taryn Davies
Published: March 19, 2019

The DC comics universe has acted as a source of inspiration for some of the biggest and most successful films of the last few years. Reimagining everyone from Aquaman to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Loki, and more, the movie franchise has helped bring to life some of our favourite characters, fleshing out their stories and giving us a face to put to the names. 

But despite the slew of films that have made their way onto the silver screen, some of our most beloved comic characters still haven’t been granted the cinematic homage they deserve. In light of this, here are just three of the iconic figures we feel should have their own movies.    


Hawkman may have re-entered the comic book zeitgeist thanks to his popular ongoing series, but if we were to choose a character to light up the silver screen, we'd say Hawkgirl is the real money maker. She might enjoy a somewhat secondary comic book status, having only briefly boasted a series of her own, but she’s still pretty well known because of her role in the Justice League animated series, and her inclusion in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Her popularity, however, is not the only reason we picked her. A Lara-Croft-meets-Red-Sonja kind of character, this kickass archaeologist is also a warrior beyond compare, an expert in weaponry, and can never die. We’d say that that gives any would-be adapter plenty of great material to work with.


The DC comics are defined as much by their villains as they are by their heroes, and another charismatic character who deserves his own movie is the enigmatic Hitman. Coming straight from Gotham’s Cauldron, this killer-for-hire boasts a meta-human power that grants him entrance into the world of DC superheroes. But, instead of joining their ranks, Hitman decides to go his own way, and we so enjoy going along for the ride. Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time such a villainous figure had made waves on the big screen – just look at the success of Deadpool.


One thing that hasn’t been tried on-screen so far is to take a supervillainess and create a movie that revolves solely around her. Should anyone wish to give the concept a go, we’d nominate Roulette as the ideal character. A conniving entrepreneur who runs an illegal no-halt cage-fighting league, she’s the granddaughter of a Golden Age villain of the same name, who owned a casino and was the arch nemesis of Mister Terrific. Whoever made such an adaptation could capitalise on the ever-growing popularity of the game she’s named for, taking her back to her family roots and having her set up shop in her own gambling den. But online roulette vs live roulette? When it comes to her namesake game, we see her as a character who moves with the times and would take her dastardly deeds online. However, when it comes to storyline, there would be more opportunities for plot development with the real-life feel of live roulette, which offers the same kind of interaction with other players (or villains or heroes...) or as the land casinos of her grandfather's era.

With a host of enigmatic and interesting figures to choose from, the DC comics offer a wealth of adaptation opportunities for any who want to seize upon them. Boasting everything from charismatic villains to flawed heroes, the franchise’s creations are anything but black and white, making them the perfect picks for well-rounded and engaging storytelling. We can’t wait to see which of the many fascinating individuals that are out there make it onto our screens next.