Designer handbags that are definitely worth investing in

Taryn Davies
Published: April 26, 2017

We are all for capsule wardrobes and investment pieces, those items where you spend a little more money knowing that they’ll last you a lifetime. Designer handbags are a great investment, pick the right one and it could last you forever.

What’s more recent research has shown that picking the right items could make you even more if you ever came to sell it one.

Here are the designer handbags that really are worth saving for, both from a fashion perspective and monetary investment too.

Chanel 2.55 or the Classic Flap

Vestiaire Collective says that the Chanel 2.55 handbag is the one you're going to make the most money on if you decide to sell it one, and they should know because they deal with resales of more than 600,000 of the bag.

In just five years the resale price had increased to £3,990 from £2,360, and it doesn't look like it's going to drop anytime soon.

There’s also the Classic Flap Chanel handbag to consider. The Classic Flap is Karl Lagerfeld’s contemporary take on Coco Chanel’s original 2.55, but it’s just as iconic.

The Classic Flap has the interlocking CCs clasp and chain strap interwoven with leather, while the 2.55 has a rectangular ‘Mademoiselle’ clasp and all metal strap.

The Classic Flap is another great investment, as Baghunter reports that since 2010 the value of the bag has increased by an incredible 70%.

A Chanel handbag is considered another investment handbag

Hermes Kelly or Birkin

Hermes is an iconic brand and their bags are pretty much elusive to most people, and as Samantha Jones put it in Sex in the City: "Honey, it's not so much the style as what carrying it means."

The brand is notorious for having limited quantities, so this means it's incredibly hard to get your hands on the one you want.

There isn't a waitlist, but you'll definitely have to spend time building a relationship with the Hermes salespeople in order to get your hands on the products you want. Sometimes it's just the luck of finding the right colour and size in the city you're in.

Hermès generally increase the prices between 5% and 10% annually for a new bag, so the sooner you buy the better for your bank balance.

The Kelly is a little less known than the Birkin, but it's still beautiful none-the-less. The bag originally had a different name, Sac à dépêches, but it was renamed after Grace Kelly. The Princess of Monaco wore the style for years and years and even used to shield her baby bump from the paps.

Fendi Peekaboo

Designed by Fendi’s Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, the Peekaboo is as stylish as it is practical.

The bag definitely looks unique thanks to the central clasp, which opens on both sides of the bag. Great for compartmentalising your life.

The bag debuted in 2009, but it took around five years for this bag to truly come into its own and become a must-have. Named after the childhood game, it’s available in a number of different sizes and prices typically start from £940.

Chanel Boy Bag

The Boy bag from Chanel is another greatly investable handbag. Plus the hardwearing, tougher style is often preferred to the Classic Flap or 2.55.

The bag joined the lineup in 2011, but it's definitely become a must-have iconic bag in those years. The price of this bag started at £1900, now the price for the bag stars at £3900.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The Neverfull is one of Louis Vuitton’s all-time most successful bags that come in endless options of materials as well as limited editions and special artist collaborations.

There are reports that you can resell this bag for 84% of the original value, the price of this bag is continuously increasing too.


The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is another investment handbag

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag

Lady Dior

The handbag made famous thanks to Princess Diana. She was first introduced to the bag by French First Lady Bernadette Chirac in 1955. The FL wanted to give the Princess a present when she visiting and this is the handbag she chose.

The bag was firstly called the Chouchou, although that was never official. Princess Diana was then spotted many times with the handbag which was then called 'Princesse', but it was later changed to Lady Dior.

A staple part of the iconic Dior brand, the bag comes in a number of different sizes and colour options.


Givenchy Antigona

The Givenchy Antigona might not have the status of Chanel or Birkin but that doesn’t mean it’s not a must-have. It’s hard to name a celebrity we haven’t spotted wearing this bag and a number of fashion bloggers have also invested.

It’s a great everyday tote that’s smart enough for work and chic enough for the weekend. The medium size is perfect for housing ALL of your essentials too, it also comes in a tote style, smaller cross body styles and a clutch version too.


GIVENCHY Antigona Medium Leather Tote

£2,150 MatchesFashion

Givenchy Antigona Mini Blue Leather Tote

£1,150 Harvey Nichols

Givenchy Antigona Medium Black Leather Tote

£1570 Harvey Nichols

Balenciaga City

Balenciaga City was designed by Nicholas Ghesquire, and he faced trouble when it came to production because the company simply didn't like the fact that the bag was soft and not rigid in structure.

He managed to persuade them and it was created for a catwalk show where the models fell in love, as did those who the designer sent the item too. Including, Kate Moss.

Since then it's pretty much become a classic, in all the different sizes it comes in as well.

Balenciaga Classic City Small Leather Tote

Balenciaga Classic City Small Leather Tote £1,135 MatchesFashion

Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City Small Leather Ba

Balenciaga Classic City Small Leather Tote £1,285 MatchesFashion

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

The Sac de Jour was first created in 2013, and comes in four varying sizes. The classic shape means that this will be a forever bag, but the lure also comes in the vibrant limited edition shades that change from season to season.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Medium Leather Tote

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Medium Leather Tote £2,590 MatchesFashion

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Grained Leather Tote

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Grained Leather Tote £1,985 Matches Fashion