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Customer Service Monday to Saturday: 10am - 7pm
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Head Office Christian Dior UK Ltd
49a Pavilion RoadLondonSW1X 0HD 

Reasons to Call the Dior Customer Services Number:

  • I would like to enquire about a specific product in the Dior collection
  • I would like to know the ingredients in a particular beauty product
  • I would like to locate my nearest Dior boutique
  • I would like to locate my nearest Dior stockist
  • I would like to complain about the customer service I received from Dior
  • I would like to subscribe or unsubscribe from the Dior e-boutique
  • I have ordered a product from Dior and it has not arrived on time
  • I am having trouble using the Dior website

Dior Online

Dior online is the best place to see and view all of Dior's recent collections, as well as gain some fashion inspiration of your own by viewing the pieces. If you are looking for a specific item, you can use the search button in the top right corner of the page and enter an item reference number or any item specifics, but if you are browsing, there are plenty of categories to choose from as well as spectacular visuals on the home page - why not enjoy a video of the latest catwalk before you shop? By selecting the 'Haute Couture' category, you can not only view the latest shows and collections, you can also gain a backstage insight including what makeup and accessories were used to style the models at the shows and how the sets were designed. Most of their collections are showcased at 30 Avenue Montaigne which is known as the 'House of Dior' in Paris, as stated on their website. Goods that are available to buy from the Dior website include leather clutches and purses, bag accessories, phone cases and other small leather goods. Other products including bags, shoes and clothing are exclusively in store, meaning that they are available to buy in boutiques worldwide. You can view a full list of boutiques on the Dior website or you can call the contact number to locate your nearest Dior stockist. The 'Ready to Wear' category not only shows you what is available to buy in boutiques at the moment but also what will be available in the coming months, fresh off the catwalk. The catwalk of each up and coming collection is available to view if you are undecided about what you would like to buy or would like more information about the upcoming collections. The Dior 'In the News' website category shows what of Dior is being worn at the minute as well as interviews with those that have organised things such as graphic design. if you are buying something off the Dior website, you will be given full information about the product, including what material it is made from and its price. Once you have decided what you would like to purchase, you can head over to the checkout and pay for your items. By entering your email address, you will sign up to Dior's newsletter with further information about collections as well as exclusive offers and updates from Dior. Your details will also be securely saved for the next time that you purchase. If you have ordered something from Dior and are concerned that it hasn't arrived on time, you can call the contact number and your issue will be resolved.

Dior Beauty

Much like their clothing, Dior has a unique beauty range that is available to buy in department stores such as Boots, House of Fraser and Debenhams and is also available to buy online. The website showcases some catwalk looks that have been done using Dior makeup as well as offering makeup tutorials and advice to customers. Dior describes their make up range to be 'intimately tied' in with their fashion collections, with different products being used to match and create different looks. For exclusive access to updates straight from the catwalk, you can view videos with Dior's Creative and image director Peter Phillips. Dior lipsticks are a bestseller and come in a wide range of colours, all of which can be browsed on the website. The latest lipstick to be produced by Dior is the 'Dior Rouge' which is notoriously using the hashtag '#ifeelgood' in its social media campaign. Online, you can browse each individual makeup category, whether you are looking for something for your face, eyes, nails or lips. There is a vast range of products to choose from. if you are unsure of what to buy or are unsure of any of the ingredients that are in the Dior makeup, you can all the Dior Customer Service number for further information. If you would like to locate your nearest Dior beauty stockists, you can call the contact number, here you will be able to receive samples of makeup you want to try as well as tips and makeovers from a team of experts at the counter. If you are unhappy with the level of service you received at a Dior store or counter then please do not hesitate to call the customer service number.

Dior Perfume

As well as makeup and skincare, Dior has a successful fragrance line that you can buy in the same stores as their makeup as well as airport duty-free stores and perfume shops. Dior's most notorious and best-selling fragrance collection is 'J'adore Dior', which is closely followed by popular fragrances such as the 'Miss Dior' collection and the male fragrance 'Sauvage' which is also available as a deodorant spray. All of the fragrances by Dior can be viewed on their website as well as how they are made, the history behind them and what ingredients go into them to make them unique. If you would like more fragrance information or are struggling to find a specific one online, please call the contact number and customer services will help you to locate it.

Dior E-Boutique

The Dior E-Boutique is easy to join, simply enter your email address onto their website and you will have access to exclusive offers and discounts that are not available to non-members. Being an e-boutique member comes with a number of privileges including complimentary standard delivery within 3-5 days and free returns of any product within 14 days (a pre-paid return label is included in your parcel). You also be given the choice of two complimentary samples to include in your delivery. For orders above £100, you will receive a complimentary travel size product that is part of a regularly updated collection - spend £200 and you will receive two. If you do not receive any of the privileges that you are promised in your delivery, please call the contact number.

Dior Handbags

Dior is famous for its exquisite range of handbags and purses, some of which can be bought online and some of which are exclusive to boutiques in certain places. The handbags range from mini purses to full-size totes all made with beautiful, real leather. Dior handbags are expensive, but a definite investment and a bag you will have for life. The bag collections range from 'the classics' which are the unmistakeable quilted Dior totes, to bags that are created from season to season, this season's donned with gorgeous folk embroidery. Each bag comes with the Dior keychain attached. The Dior website will tell you exactly what type of leather all of the bags are made from, and you will be shown a price if they are available to buy online.

About Dior

Christian Dior, commonly known as just Dior, is a French luxury designer and goods company. It was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior himself but is now controlled by French businessman Bernard Anault. The company designs a range of clothing and beauty products including ready-to-wear and timeless pieces. They also have a range of leather products for both men and women. The company is most notorious for its designs for women but there are also collections for men known as 'Homme' as well as 'Baby Dior' which makes exclusively childrenswear. Christian Dior sadly died in 1957 but his collection lives on, but its most recent flagship store opening in San Francisco this year (2016). In 2015 it was announced that singer Rihanna would be the official spokesperson for Dior.