Disney’s Zootropolis – What we know so far

Taryn Davies
Published: June 10, 2015

Disney has plenty coming up in the next twelve months or so, and one of those films is Zootopia, which is set to go by the altered name Zootropolis over here. But what do we know about the Disney Feature Animation?

Thanks to USA Today we’re getting a clearer look at the two main characters, voiced by Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Zootropolis is an animal world, where humans don't exist. They use phones, have careers and wear clothes. Set in a city, each borough of the city homes a different type of animal. In Sahara Square you'll find desert animals, in Little Rodentia mice, cold animals reside in Tundratown and the Burrow Borough is home to the bunnies. They even travel by Rabbit Transit.

Zootropolis characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hoops

Zootropolis characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hoops

The film is co-directed by Tangled’s Byron Howard and Wreck-It Ralph’s Rich Moore.

The premise is quite simple, Judy Hoops, voiced by Goodwin, is a small-town rabbit who heads to the big city to do some good. Reality is she ends up on traffic duty, rather frustrated she can't help the people. During her duties, she meets scam artist, sly Fox Nick Wilde, voiced by Bateman. Of course, they hate each instantly, but they need each other's help. Even though they're natural enemies they have to work together.

Bateman explains that his character is crafty and sarcastic, and he says it's fitting for him because he's been playing these roles for years and years. He says he asked the bosses what type of voice they'd like him to do, but in reality, they just wanted his own voice, just for him to talk normally.

Judy, however, is driven and dedicated and warns that you shouldn’t call her cute. Goodwin says that she's sick of hearing that she's cute, she's been called that all of her life and she doesn't want to think that she's naive or stupid, just because she's kind.

Zootropolis City

Zootropolis City
Credit: Disney

Goodwin says that the film is fully immersive, and the characters in the film reflect their real-life counterparts. She thinks it could be good to see Zootropolis come to life in the Disney theme park.

If it’s a big hit, we suspect they’ll certainly put plans in place.

Zootropolis will be out in the US on March 4 2016, and lands over here on March 26.