Duchess of Cambridge jewellery inspiration

Taryn Davies
Published: October 21, 2016

The Duchess of Cambridge always delights with her outfit choices, choosing classic styles that make the most of her body shape. And all of that is, of course, elevated with the pretty jewellery she adds to the outfit.

With diamonds and pearls a regular fixture she proves that when it comes to investing in jewellery pieces, the classics are always your best bet.

And like at the Spectre premiere last year, to make an evening outfit feel a whole lot more glamorous, a beautiful pair of large drop earrings will always do the trick.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite jewellery looks from Kate Middleton and found similar versions that are both affordable and investment pieces too.

It’s not long till Christmas will be here and we all know now is the time to start dropping those hints.

Duchess of Cambridge jewellery we love

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Over the years Catherine has proven time and time again that her classic elegant style is one to be favoured. And her jewellery choices are just an extension of that.

At the 2012 premiere of War Horse, she exuded grace in her black lace gown which she paired with her flowing locks and a diamond bracelet to add the perfect amount of sparkle to her look. She also wore the matching diamond earrings, both of which are said to be a gift from Prince Charles.

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Then in 2011 at the Epsom Derby Meeting, she let her hat do most of the talking and simple Kiki McDonough earrings added a touch of interest. The citrine pear drop earrings don't distract too much, adding just a dazzling effect to the face.

The yellow gold earrings are embellished with vibrant citrine and diamonds, they're simple and classic to be worn in the day, but add enough drama that makes them a perfect evening earring too.


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Kate's most well-known piece of jewellery is without a doubt her engagement ring, there have been countless copies since their engagement was announced in 2010.

Here she is pictured in 2012 in Malaysia wearing the Garrard of Mayfair ring. Princess Diana picked the ring when Prince Charles proposed in 1981, the oval, royal blue sapphire is a little unusual for an engagement ring but definitely stands out.

William decided to use the ring to propose to Kate because it ensured that Diana would be part of their special day.


Duchess And Duke Of Cambridge At Their Royal Wedding Featureflash Photo Agency Shutterstock Com

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For the Royal Wedding, the Queen loaned her granddaughter-in-law the spectacular Cartier Halo tiara. Made in 1936 and purchased by the Duke of York (later King George VI) for his wife, Elizabeth's mother (also Elizabeth), the Queen had received it as an 18th birthday present.

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She first wore these Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto earrings as a newlywed in 2011, but then chose them again for the 2012 Trooping of the Colour. These earrings are definitely one of her more affordable pieces of jewellery, but they still pack loads of impact too. The cluster earrings are sterling silver and the lavender stones add a little extra bit of sparkle.


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At the 2015 Chance UK charity event she brought out her drop pearls from Annoushka Jewellery, the beautifully classic earrings are timeless and no double we’ll see them time and time again.

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Kate is rarely seen wearing a watch in public, but this beautiful $7,271 Ballon Bleu Cartier timepiece features a sapphire that perfectly matches the gem in her engagement ring.

The sapphire and diamond drop earrings worn here are reported to be remodelled versions of one of Princess Diana’s favourite pairs.

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For the London premiere of Spectre in 2015, she chose a pair of earrings that are a lot more glamorous than her usual style. The chandelier style earrings perfectly complimented her mint gown.

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Kate’s diamond cross pendant is one of the pieces that there isn’t much information about, it’s been in her possession since at least 2005 and she’s been spotted wearing it on numerous occasions. She’s pictured here at The Misson Serve ‘Hiring our Heroes’ event in 2011, wearing it with her diamond and sapphire earrings which we described above.

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At St Paul’s this year, she’s pictured wearing one of her favourite pieces, the Asprey 167 Button Pendant. It’s a versatile and classic piece, the necklace is white gold, and there is a selection of diamonds that surround an amethyst stone.


Duchess Of Cambridge Jewelry Simev Shutterstock Com


The Duchess wore her Vinnie Day Gold Plated Logo Leaf Earrings at the Portsmouth Americas Cup World Series event in 2016. The earrings are just £128, and are pretty simple in design with a small hoop that is accented with a leaf hanging down.