Dyson launch supersonic hairdryer for £299

Taryn Davies
Published: April 29, 2016

Dyson products may usually find themselves lurking in your cupboards at home, but now they’re making their way to your dressing table with the launch of their first personal care product – a hairdryer.

For 23 years Dyson has been setting the agenda in domestic appliances, and now, after four years of development, they launch a hairdryer they say is quieter and less damaging to hair than a conventional hair tool.

Is the Dyson hairdryer worth £299 TheFuss.co.uk

Dyson hairdryer design

The hairdryer is the first of its kind powered by a miniaturised air pump in the handle, using the same airflow principles as Dyson’s desk fans. It also means it’s extremely ergonomic, so your arm doesn’t tire whilst using it. The minute ‘digital’ V9 motor is located in the handle.

The hole in the middle also means it looks like no other hairdryer we’ve ever seen before, but with a £299 price tag, it also means it blows all other professional-grade hairdryers out of the water when it comes to price.

Is the Dyson hairdryer worth £299 TheFuss.co.uk

How is the Dyson hairdryer better for your hair?

Not only is the hairdryer eight times faster than some traditional models, it doesn’t wreck your hair and maintains natural shine with a controlled airflow that peaks at an optimum 150 degrees (some competitors go up to 230). It also has a glass bead thermistor measures temperatures 20 times a second to make sure your hair isn’t exposed to excessive heat.

Is the Dyson hairdryer worth £299 TheFuss.co.uk

Other design features

The extraordinary shape of this hairdryer left us wondering if it’d be possible to have any attachments with this hairdryer, and of course, Dyson has designed three magnetic styling attachments including a diffuser for curly hair.

It knows we all want different things so has four different heat settings, three airflow settings, and a cold shot booster to ensure you can set your style in place.

Is the Dyson hairdryer worth £299 TheFuss.co.uk

Not only that, but it’s quieter too. A team of ‘aero-acoustic engineers’ created a 13 blade system (instead of 11) which is surrounded by acoustic silencers to reduce noise without comprising on speed.

Sir James Dyson explained that it was the damage they can cause to the hair, the noise, inefficiency and weight of hairdryers is what lead to them creating the Supersonic. He says he challenged his scientists to create a tool that solved all of these problems, and he's quite certain they have.


Is the Dyson hairdryer worth £299 TheFuss.co.uk

Dyson hairdryer figures

  • 4 years in the making
  • £50 million investment
  • 103 engineers tested it
  • 1010 miles of human hair tested on
  • 600 prototypes
  • £299 price tag

The Dyson hairdryer was available first in Japan and has now launched in the UK. Will you be investing your money in it?

Is the Dyson hairdryer worth £299 TheFuss.co.uk