The effect eating takeaways has on your health

Taryn Davies
Published: February 12, 2017

Fish and chips, Chinese, Indian or pizza – sounds like the ideal option for a Friday or Saturday night dinner option, but what effect is eating these takeaway meals having on your health?

Aviva has investigated to see how eating these takeaways affect your health and why you might want to consider a healthier alternative next weekend.

What are the effects of fish and chips on your body?

The Effect Fish And Chips Have On Your Health we might be encouraged to eat fresh fish on a regular basis, when it's deep fat fried in a chippy it's obviously not the best option. Plus, the fact that we don't tend to eat it with fruits or vegetables means it's a meal that lacks pretty much any nutritional value.

Regularly eating fish and chips from the takeaway will ensure that your body lacks the nutrients needed for a healthy immune system, which means your body will struggle to stay healthy.

If you eat fish and chips frequently it'll also cause damage to your arteries, and result in high blood pressure too. When you eat too much fat it can cause a rise in bad cholesterol too which leads to clogged arteries. These two factors mean your heart will have to work harder on a daily basis, which increases your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

What are the effects of a deep pan pizza takeaway on your body?

The effect eating takeaway pizza has on your body deep pan pizza is definitely not something you'd want to consume on a regular basis, a typical one contains 2,305 calories, which is more than your recommended calorie intake for one day. Plus there's 100g of fat too, and twice as much salt as we're recommended to eat on a daily basis too.

Straight after eating the pizza, you're likely to feel your energy levels drop because the body is working to send blood to the gut to help you digest the food.

The lack of fibre is also going to leave you feeling bloated, and this could last for a few days as well.



What are the effects of a chicken korma takeaway on your body?

There's a staggering 81g of fat inside a chicken korma takeaway, typically, but whilst you might feel full afterwards, this is likely to fade and leave you craving more later on.

The fat in the blood is going to be raised when you eat this meal too, and if you're keeping active afterwards you're likely to burn it as energy, but if you don't it's going to store itself as fat and you'll find it living on your hips or stomach.


The effects of a chicken korma takeaway on your body

The high levels of saturated fat are going to raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, and can also clog your arteries too.

The levels of salt in these types of meals are particularly unhealthy too, which can cause high blood pressure, which means your heart will have to work harder on a regular basis.

Eating too much salt regularly can also lead to stomach cancer or kidney disease too.


What are the effects of a sweet and sour Chinese takeaway on your body?

The effect regularly eating Chinese food has on your health love Chinese takeaways, it's our favourite foreign dish, but it's having a big impact on our health because of it.

Looking at just one of the Chinese takeaway meals, sweet and sour, we see how this can affect our health in a bad way.

A typical portion contains 5g of salt, 176g of carbohydrates and 80g of sugar.

Together these will leave you feeling bloated, increase your blood pressure, raise your blood sugar which is likely to crash later on and leave you feeling tired, with a headache and having difficulty concentrating.