Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask review

Taryn Davies
Published: January 12, 2017

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask Review TheFuss.co.ukElemis have given their much loved Tri-Enzyme Mask a rebrand and it’s now their Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask, different name, exact same product.

The Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask works to refine and smooth the skin’s surface, and after just one use you’ll find your complexion is instantly smoother, shine-free and more radiant.

As we age, cellular renewal slowly declines which results in dull, lifeless skin and premature ageing, and while exfoliating scrubs work for some, we much prefer products like these that have the same effect with no need for microbeads.

It works by combining Elemis’ Patented Tri-Enzyme technology with Amazonian Acerola Cherry (Antioxidant rich and high vitamin C content), White Truffle (helps soothe and support the natural microflora of the skin) and Great Burdock. The mask encourages effective re-texturising of the skin’s surface and balancing sebum levels, without compromising natural pH levels. There’s also skin softening Erysimum found within the mask too.

What’s different about it?

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask Review TheFuss.co.uk

The old bottle

The product inside is exactly the same, it’s just the name of the mask has been updated from the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Gel Mask to the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask, we’re not exactly sure why because it still uses Elemis’ patented Tri-Zone technology.

The bottle has also changed, it still features a pump design, just in a sleeker way which hides the pump within the chic silver bottle. It makes it look like the much more expensive product it is.

Using the Elemis Resurfacing Mask

This gel mask is extremely easy to use, simply apply to your freshly cleansed skin and leave on for 8-10 minutes. As this is a gel mask it feels instantly cooling on the skin, and because it’s resurfacing you’re likely to feel a slight tingling sensation – this will vary depending on the type of skin you have. But don’t worry, it’s just the mask getting to work to resurface your skin.

After ten minutes simply wash away the mask and your skin will feel hydrated, smoother, look more refined and radiant too. It’s designed to be used twice a week.


Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask Review TheFuss.co.ukHard working, leaves skin looking clearer and more radiant, smoothes the skin and helps with cell turnover, easy to use, a little product goes a long way, sleek and sophisticated design


It is expensive, but the product lasts a really long time, and it has great effects on the skin

Bottom Line

The Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask is the perfect product to use on a weekly basis to ensure your skin is left looking radiant and refined, as it works to slug away dead skin cells and improve your cell turnover – which is essential when it comes to anti-ageing.

It does have a tingling sensation when you apply, but there aren’t any microbeads in the formula, yet the ingredients provide a natural exfoliation to sleuth away dead skin leaving radiant skin that looks smoother and feels beautiful.

The mask is on the expensive side, but this bottle will certainly last a long time, a little of this product goes a long way, and it does a brilliant job of making skin look smoother and healthier.

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