Email Diamant Toothpaste review

Taryn Davies
Published: June 28, 2016

Email Diamant toothpaste review, white teeth is something the majority of us want, and with the use of the Email Diamant toothpaste that’s made a little easier to achieve, with instant effects too.

Since 1893 Email Diamant Red Formula toothpaste has offered whiteness and brightness to your teeth while respecting the tooth enamel.

We are surrounded with so many tempting things, that in spite of knowing that they have the potential to damage our teeth, we still consume them; just to satisfy our taste buds. And, visiting the dentist, is nothing short of annoyance for some, truly terrifying for others. For all of your dreaming of dazzling someone with your smile, we think you should try this imported toothpaste from France that can help you get whiter and brighter teeth from the first use.

How it works

The red formula with natural light reflectors and extra-gentle polishing agents delivers an immediate whitening effect right after brushing. The red colouring agent of the toothpaste also offers a contrast effect to your tooth and gum. It makes the gum red or hot pink, which adds sparkle to your pearly whites. Moreover, its unique formulations help in preventing plaque and protecting teeth and gums for longer, even hours after brushing.

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How to use the Email Diamant Toothpaste

For the best results always use a dry brush when using the toothpaste, as this will enhance the whitening effect.

How to rinse off Diamant Toothpaste

The Email Diamant Toothpaste is best used with a dry brush, and then we recommend using a little water to rinse off the excess product. There is an instant whitening effect when using this product so you don't want to rinse it away with another toothpaste or mouthwash, carry out your usual teeth hygiene routine before you use the Email Diamant toothpaste.


Teeth whitening, protects enamel, protects gums

Email Diamant Toothpaste


Taste, texture, doesn’t foam, leaves tongue a little red

Bottom Line

So we know this product is a little strange, but it does work. The red formula adds colour to the gums, which helps enhance the whiteness of the teeth. Polishing agents gently clean, and essential oils prevent the formulation of dental plaque and natural light reflectors add sparkle to your pearly whites. Although the taste and texture might be a little off-putting at first, we know once you see the results you’ll be converted and it’ll soon become a breeze to use.

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