Emma Willis’ body confidence collection with Next

Taryn Davies
Published: March 22, 2019

Not content with just picking her best bits from the new season like she did previously, this Spring Emma Willis has launched a collection with Next that she helped design, and its main focus is body confidence.

The Spring/Summer 2019 collection is made up of tailoring, nightwear and beachwear, and with every piece, she was targeting women of all ages and all sizes too, the range is available in sizes 6-22.

TV presenter Emma wanted to ensure that all body shapes and sizes were thought of when it came to her fashion collection with Next, and acknowledging the fact that all women’s bodies are different shapes was the key to this.

She explains: “I’ve learned that just because you think something is going to work, doesn’t mean that it will. And if it works on your body, it may not work on anybody else’s so that was really at the forefront of our minds when putting all the pieces together.”

Small details work to ensure that women feel their best in these clothes, and it’s just a small tweak in the design room that makes a huge difference when wearing it. A noticeable boost to self-confidence for Emma was the double-breasted jacket, a piece that can really help to pull a look together to make it smart, or can be dressed down with jeans, trainers and a simple t-shirt.

Classic and simple

Not only was there a huge focus on dressing all times of body shapes, but creating a collection that’s suitable for all ages too. From her experience and with her mum she knows that not everyone wants to wear short shorts or loud prints, so this is taken into consideration with the collection.

“I prefer a shorter sleeve on a t-shirt, but other people don’t because they want to cover their upper arms. I don’t like really short shorts and neither does my mum, so it’s really nice to think about these types of things and pepper them through.”

The same thought went into the styles of fabrics too, with a focus on simple designs with patterns that aren’t too loud or incredibly eye-catching.

She notes that not everyone feels comfortable wearing loud and vibrant clothing, so minimalistic designs were a huge focus for her.

“I’m hoping that everybody can and will wear the range. It’s quite classic in the way it looks – it’s not loud and out there, it’s quite simple and has that masculine/feminine feel, which I think is really easy to wear. And I really just hope that it has broad appeal for age and size.”

Emma Willis' brand new Next collection that focuses on body confidence TheFuss.co.uk

Confidence at the beach

The beachwear is a further extension of focusing on making women feel their best when wearing these clothes. With mix and match pieces that are designed to make you feel your best about your body shape, whether that’s with a high waist brief, a tie-side brief or a swimsuit.

“I’m really pleased with the beach collection and how it all interlinks, so you can mix and match most of it and choose between wearing each piece as a set or an individual item.”

Shop the collection now at Next or in store.