Essentials for a great date

Taryn Davies
Published: April 21, 2017

We’ve shared the tips you need on how to recover from a bad date, now here are all the essentials you need for a great date every time.

Going on dates can be nerve wracking, but with a few simple tips and some guidance, you can ensure that you start to enjoy this exciting process.

There’s nothing quite like the butterflies and excitement before a first date, or even the first few when you start seeing someone new.

Here Caroline Brealey a professional matchmaker and dating/relationship expert who runs a dating agency Mutual Attraction shares her essentials for a great date.

Great date essentials date essentials

Be open minded

If this is your 1st date go with an open mind - don't make judgements before you've even met. This means no Facebook stalking beforehand.

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A positive mindset

Get into a positive mindset. Dates should be fun so get ready with your favourite music blaring and be excited.

Create your own confidence

Wear something you feel amazing, it will make your confidence soar and you'll feel great meeting your date.

Choose a different date

Do something fun. Going for a glass of wine is fine but it can end up feeling like an interview sat across from one another. Try to do something where you are naturally having fun and it gives you plenty to talk about - perfect for if the conversation isn’t flowing as well as you hoped. Plus, having shared experiences is a great way to bond.

Be punctual

Make sure you arrive in plenty of time - even if it means popping for a drink somewhere else first. Nothing is worse than turning up to a date an out of breath, flustered and sweaty mess.

Give them a chance

Don't rule them out because you don't 'click' right away. Dating can be awkward and some people take a bit of 'warming up' so give people a chance.

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