Essie Rose Bowl review

Taryn Davies
Published: January 13, 2018

Essie Rose Bowl review you nails some love with the gorgeous essie Rose Bowl nail varnish, a creamy pinkish-red nail lacquer that will make your nails pop.

The essie brand prides itself on offering award winning, fashion forward nail polish colours and this is a shade of varnish you’ll find yourself reaching for all-year round. It’ll look just as gorgeous with your toes in the sand as it will in a pair of party heels during the festive period.

This essie shade is perfect for every skin tone too, it contrasts really nicely with pale skin and comes into its element against a tan, even if it’s fake.

Essie Rose Bowl review

The colour applied smoothly and evenly and there are no streaks at all, this juice shade is extremely feminine and perfect to add a pop to your fingers and toes.


Applies evenly, bright colour and lasts well


Just remember to apply a base coat like with all coloured nail varnishes, you don’t want this to stain your nails

Bottom Line

We’re a big fan of essie nail polishes, and Rose Bowl doesn’t disappoint. A creamy colour that’s easy to apply and even prettier to look at.

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Tips for applying nail varnish

Essie Weingarten’s tips for applying her nail varnish, are: To always prep the nails with nail varnish remover. Even if you're not currently wearing polish, as swiping over the nails quickly ensures that you remove any grease from the nails. This will help your manicure to last that little bit longer.

Follow this with a base coat, this means you don't have to worry about stained nails when you come to take your varnish off.

Once that's dry follow with your coloured varnish with two coats, both should be thin and applied evenly. Wait around two minutes between layers too, this helps the colour set and helps diminish the chance of chipping.

Essie Rose Bowl review[amazon box="B0006ZKZJA"]