Exercises that will make you better in bed

Taryn Davies
Published: October 15, 2017

Exercise provides a big benefit to our overall health, it makes us happier when it releases endorphins, and it can also make you better in bed. These specific exercise moves can help you last longer, use more adventurous positions and make your time between the sheets all the more enjoyable.

With the help of British and National Wrestling Champion and owner of Right Path Fitness Keith McNiven, we share the must know exercise that will you better in bed.

Keith explains that using these exercises will help to improve your stamina and strength when you have sex. Just a few additions to your exercise routine could make a big difference to your technique.

Glute Bridge

The exercise itself is something similar to what you might do in the bedroom, so it makes sense that it helps improve your sexual stamina. This particular exercise targets multiple areas of the body, including your glutes, hamstrings and core.

Start off using your body as resistance, but build up with the addition of dumbells, medicine balls or barbells to build up strength in the muscles that will ensure your body is strong and toned.

Exercises that will make you better in bed TheFuss.co.uk


This move incorporates the plank but is a little more advanced as you get your body moving at the same time. Starting in a standing position, you bend down and use your hands and upper body to walk your body out to a plank position. Holding the plank for a few seconds, you then walk yourself back to the standing position.

This move is a great move to help improve your bedroom skills because you're strengthening your upper body, as well as your core, lower back mucles and your glutes too.

Exercises that will make you better in bed TheFuss.co.uk

Fire Hydrants

Take a look at the picture above, can you see why they're called fire hydrants? These exercises may look a little odd, and feel a little strange to perform but they're great for increasing the movement in your hips, which means you try some new moves in the bedroom with ease.

If you want to elevate this move, when you reach your leg up to the side, ensure your squeezing your glute as hard as you can, and kick your leg out for a little extra bum toning.

Exercises that will make you better in bed TheFuss.co.uk

V Leg Ups

This move is a killer, it's meant to be done as slowly as possible to really target the abs and help to tone your core. Make sure your tensing your entire body to get the most from this move.

Resistance Band Kneeling Hip Flexors

This exercise is great because it helps to tone the butt, as well as targeting your hip flexors which can become tight when we sit for too long. Stretching them out in exercise means you'll have more movement through your hips when you're between the sheets.

You'll need a resistance band, and something strong and sturdy to tie it too, but the burn you'll feel will definitely be worth it.