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  • I have ordered a product from the Eylure website and it has not arrived
  • I would like further instruction on how to use Eylure Eyelashes
  • I have sent a parcel for return and have not received a refund
  • I would like to complain about the customer service I received from Eylure
  • I have received a faulty, damaged or broken product
  • I would like more information about the ingredients inside a specific product
  • I would like to know more about Eylure's best sellers

Eylure EyelashesEylure Contact Number

Eylure have a vast range of false eyelashes that are available in selected stores such as Superdrug and Boots as well as fashion retailers such as River Island and ASOS. You can also browse all of the Eylure products on their own website. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and lists all of their collections at the top of the page. Each eyelash collections is tailored to suit the overall style of the designer, for example, Henry Holland has created loud, fluffy eyelashes that will really make your eyes stand out with black packaging and an intense pop of colour, whereas Cheryl's are a lot longer, not as heavy and are designed to make a person feel sexy, their lightweight texture designed to simply enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. The packaging comes in feminine colours of whites, pinks and rose golds. There are several more collections available online and in most Boots stores, for a full list, please either visit the website or call the customer service number. Eylure have recognised that everyone not only has a different style but also different face shapes and eye sizes, meaning they have a large range of eyelash styles available to buy. Their styles range from 'Naturals', 'Lengthening', 'Texture', 'Volume', 'Definition', 'Exaggerate' and 'Dramatic' and each depends on the look that the person is going for as well as the occasion. All products within each style can be browsed from the website, and you can always call the customer service number if you would like any advice on what style to go for. The Eyelash also come in different types, each with different ways to apply them, and it really is just a case of deciding which way works best for you. The different types range from 'Pre-glued', 'Glue on strip' as well as '3-dimensional'. If you are unsure of what you are looking for or need assistance in applying the lashes, you are probably going to benefit from ordering one of the 'Starter Kits' which can assist you in three different areas; 'lengthening', 'Naturals' and 'Volume' depending on the type of look that you are going for. A recently created and rather innovative product available now from Eylure is the eyelash dye kit, available in both dark and light brown, which is a semi-permanent colour for your eyelashes . The colours are specially developed for lashes and the dye is made from Silver Nitrate. It is a no mixing formula and is safe to use. If you have any queries about this product before you use it, do not hesitate to call the contact number. As well as natural eyelashes, Eylure has a few fun eyelash packs for occasions such as Halloween which are currently available on their website as well as in selected stores. You can buy a number of applicators, curlers and extra glue for your lashes separately on their website from the category 'Accessories'. If you have received or bought an Eylure product that you are unhappy with, please call customer services where your issue can be looked into.

Eylure Boots

A number of Eylure styles are available both in Boots stores and online at the Boots website. As often is the case, the bigger the store, the wider the selection of Eylure lashes available. each lash package comes with a glue to apply the lashes as well as a full set of instructions. It is not just Eylure's eyelash collection that is available in Boots and you can in fact also buy eyebrow products such as palettes, pens, crayons and pencils, depending on your eyebrow style and preference. Although not as vast as their eyelash range, Eylure has a number of great products to look after your eyebrows, one of the best-selling products being the 'Brow-Amplifier' which is a liquid gel that promises a long stay. Use the wand to brush the gel over your brows which colours and tames the brows all at the same time. If you need a little assistance with getting that perfect shape, why not purchase an Eylure lash stencil? Simply hold over your brows and fill in the gaps, perfectly shaped brows in seconds. All of the products that are available in Boots stores are also available on their website. If you head to the Eylure section you will not only find the products available to buy but also tutorials on how to apply the lashes and an insight into current and future collections.


Are my Eylure lashes reusable?

Yes, you can re-use your Eylure lashes as there is more than enough glue in the tube provided for more than one application. Please be careful when removing your lashes and be sure to store them in a safe place if you are planning on reusing them.

Are Eylure lashes cruelty-free?

Yes, Eylure lashes are a cruelty-free product and do not test on animals in the making of their makeup. Although they are not established as 100% Vegan, they do sell Vegan products within their ranges. For more information about which products are vegan, please call customer services.

About Eylure

Eylure is a beauty brand mainly producing false eyelash and eyebrow products in the UK. It was created in 1947 by two brothers who were renowned makeup artists in the film industry, David and Eric Aylott. The brothers, in fact, created the modern false eyelash themselves after realising there was a huge market for it in the film industry and beyond. Their false eyelash brand followed, named Eylure after the term 'Eye Allure.' Since then, the brand has developed significantly and now have a number of collaboration with a number of well-known designers, including Henry Holland. They now stock eyebrow enhancing products as well, with their head office and postal office in Middlesex. Eylure lashes have been 65 years in the making since 2012 and have been worn by some of the most iconic figures in fashion such as Twiggy and Dusty Springfield.