How face yoga can strengthen, smooth and revitalise the face

Taryn Davies
Published: March 16, 2017

Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, Yin yoga and more, there are plenty of different types of yoga to try for your body, but here’s why you should be carrying out face yoga and how it can strengthen, smooth and revitalise your face.

Danielle Collins, the World’s Leading Face Yoga Expert, shares her knowledge and expertise as well as sharing a new face yoga exercise regime. This new regime is created with inspiration from emoji expressions.

As well as strengthening the face, it will help to ease tension that we all get from using our phones through the day and staring at computer or laptop screens too. For example, the kissing face emoji exercise will help to strengthen the lower face muscles, eliminate stiffness and calm the breathing.

What is face yoga?

The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is a way to look rejuvenated and youthful, in a natural way. You also get the added benefit of relaxation too.

The new Face Fit workout I’ve created, combines face exercises, massage and relaxation. With that, there is also a combination of wellbeing techniques and these work to benefit the mind and soul.

The Face Fit workout is a combination of effective techniques and research to ensure you get the best anti-ageing results in the safest possible way.

My philosophy is that we should all have the opportunity to look and feel the very best we can for our age and to have the tools and knowledge to look after the health of our faces, just like we do with our bodies.

How did you come up with the Face Fit workout?

I have been teaching Face Yoga through DVDs, apps, teacher training and on TV for a decade now, and I am also a qualified Yoga teacher, Nutritionist, Relaxation Therapist and Wellbeing Coach. For the Face Fit workout, I designed a set of 12 exclusive exercises and techniques which bring together all the benefits of Face Yoga such as lifting and firming the muscles, relaxing the face and the mind, releasing neck and shoulder tension and energising and smoothing the skin.

I wanted it to be effective but also great fun so I designed each exercise to fit in an emoji. Each of the techniques also helps to remedy issues which come from using modern technology such as looking at a phone too much, hunching over a computer, staring at a screen, feeling stressed and tense. The techniques are designed to help you feel healthier, happier and help your skin to glow, even after a busy day in the office.  I also wanted the Face Fit workout to be free to use so everyone can use it. Women spend a huge amount of money on their faces so having something which is free, natural and gets results is a great alternative.

The Face Fit Workout from Groupon UK & IE on Vimeo.

Why are you working with Groupon?

When Groupon approached me to be the face of their new campaign I was thrilled as I have always been a fan of Groupon. I love that they make health, fitness and beauty accessible to everyone. The affordable prices mean it allows people to try things that perhaps they usually wouldn't, and I am all for anything that helps us to look and feel the very best version of ourselves.

What are the benefits of doing face yoga?

There are multiple benefits to trying this routine and adding it to your day. You'll see a  reduction in lines and wrinkles, and it can also help to lift and firm the skin. Not only that but you'll also see it benefits eye strain, can help reduce headaches, and relax tension.

There are 57 muscles in the face and neck, and using face yoga will ensure they are all exercised and made strong. This can help to ensure the skin stays firm and lifted. You'll notive a difference in a shorter period too because these muscles are smaller and won't need as much work as those in your body.

Using face yoga can help with the circulation of the face too, this can help reduce puffiness and rejuvenate your skin tone too. These massage movements are designed to increase collagen, which a natural plumping agent for the skin, something that decreases with age, so you'll see a boost in your skin's firmness.

Reduce tension in your face with these exercises and see how it makes your skin glow. You'll also benefit from reducing stress in the face.The benefits of face yoga

Does it need to be done every day and how long will it take?

Face Yoga, especially the Face Fit workout I’ve created with Groupon, takes just a matter of minutes every day. You can do it anywhere and it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, health level and fitness level. The key is to keep it up regularly, and just like any other exercise, massage or relaxation, you’ll start to feel and see some immediate benefits.

Is there a best time to carry it out?

Not really, it's just important that you do them when you can. You might find it best to stick to a routine and do them the same time everyday, whether that's in the morning, evening or when you can grab a few spare minutes.

Just try to create a calming and relaxing area so you can really benefit from the mindfulness aspect of the routine.

What else do you do to help keep you looking young?

I use great natural skincare. I use the Fusion by Danielle Collins, Pro Lift Facial Moisturising Serum. I also drink lots of water and don't drink alcohol or caffeine and reduce my sugar and gluten intake as well as eating lots of nutrient-rich foods to feed the skin. I also use my own the yoga techniques and meditation apps daily and get lots of sleep (although with a 4-year-old and an 8-month-old baby that isn't possible so I rely on lots of Face Yoga to help my skin look like I have actually slept!).

Other than face yoga, what else do you do to relax the mind and body?

I take some time to do yoga and meditation every day using my apps or DVDs. I am a great believer in making fitness and relaxation easy to use and accessible for everyone. Even just a few minutes every day can make a massive difference. I also love walking rather than driving as I find this really relaxing and I love having beauty treatments and holistic therapies such as acupuncture. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family and watching the occasional bit of reality TV.