Fade Out brightening day cream SPF25 review

Taryn Davies
Published: September 20, 2016

Is your skin looking lacklustre, lifeless and dull? Then Fade Out brightening cream could be the little wonder pot you need, and it’s under £10 too.

Over time, sun exposure, hormonal changes, ageing and blemishes can cause your skin to seem dull and uneven, and fine lines and wrinkles can appear.

But thankfully, there’s something that can help, and it won’t break the bank either.

Fade Out Brightening Cream Review TheFuss.co.ukFade Out Extra Care Brightening Day Cream SPF25 works to brighten the look of your skin and help reduce the signs of ageing. It has been clinically proven to take just four weeks to make an impact on how wrinkles and fine lines look.

How Fade Out brightening cream works

The formulation uses a combination of Natural Active ingredients, including Niacinamide (naturally occurring in vitamin B) Liquorice and Mulberry extract.

These ingredients are proven to work together to even skin tone by reducing dark spots, sun damage and dark circles.

The cream stands out as one of the few skin brightening creams that doesn't use man-made chemicals. This is extremely vital, because these chemicals can cause damage to the skin that can't be reversed.

The effect it will have on your skin

Fade Out Brightening Cream Review TheFuss.co.uk

Even out your skin tone - The cream is proven to help ensure an even complexion, as well as reducing dark spots and discolouration. It works to give you gorgeously radiant skin. Over time you'll also see a difference in pigmentation on the skin too.

Moisturised skin – Soothes and instantly delivers intense hydration proven to last up to 12 hours.

Protected skin – SPF25 and UVA/UVB defence to help protect against the harmful effect of the sun’s rays and prevent sun damage and premature ageing, to give you younger-looking skin.

The review

This cream is a real delight to use, aside from the problems with packaging. It looks great on the dressing table, with a simple and minimal white pot design; but the product inside where it, of course, excels.

The cream is lightweight yet extremely moisturising, just a small dab of this cream will leave your skin feeling nourished. It absorbs well and makeup applies really well after using this cream.

The packaging, however, is where we feel let down by this product. The pot design means we have to stick our fingers in the tub to get the cream out, and we all know this isn’t the most hygienic option. And it’s quite heavy, so it’s not ideal for travelling. But we mostly depot our bigger products into smaller tubs when we’re travelling anyway. It saves a lot of space and extra weight.

The cream really works to leave skin looking brighter and clearer after a few weeks use, skin looks more radiant and even and we’ve found we use a lot less makeup to cover up on a day to day basis. Always a huge plus.


Moisturising, brightening, absorbs well, lightweight, evens out skin


Packaging isn’t the best, but for the price and the product inside you’ll get over it

Bottom Line

The Fade Out Brightening Cream is a gorgeous lightweight moisturiser that nourishes the skin beautifully and after a few weeks use leaves skin looking more even in tone, radiant and bright.

The pot packaging is where this product is let down, but once you see the results you’ll definitely forget about it. The fact that you can buy it for less than £10 and it lasts really well are just another two huge plus points for this cream.

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