Festival Fashion: The Bum Bag Is Still A Must-Have Trend

Taryn Davies
Published: June 9, 2017

The trendy bum bag made a return to the festival fashion scene a couple of years ago now, and it’s still enjoying its renaissance as we gear up for another festival season.

The stylish fanny pack is an essential part of any shopping list you may create for the next couple of months. These handy little bags are less circa-1980s, more futuristic, fashionable and festival-ready.

We love them.

They might have been a staple for badly dressed tourists, but they've been given a stylish edge, particularly the Gucci ones we'd love to tote. They're particularly a must-have when it comes to festivals.

Kendall Jenner has been spotted wearing a Chanel quilted bum bag, and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky was spotted wearing a bright Balenciaga one over his shoulder.

Gucci sent a beautifully sleek one down the runway, but we'll be sticking with our high street finds for festivals and on holiday this year.

The History of the bum bag

They originally came from ski patrols to carry med kits in, as they needed their hands-free for important stuff like ski poles.  The next people on the trend were cyclists, (you know cause wearing that skin tight biker gear left little room for pockets). This all happened in the 80s, and before you knew it everyone got on the trend.

Now it's the bag to wear at a festival.

Festival fashion essentials

The return of the retro bum bag is here to stay by the looks of things, and we’re certainly happy to embrace the trend at festivals as they’re ideal for the situation. They’re kept close to your body to be safe to hold your money/phone/camera; you don’t have to worry about carrying it around or leaving it somewhere, and the limited space means you won’t be carrying around unnecessary items.

Hands up if you like to over pack your bag, just in case? Us too. Not only that but you're now hands-free to carry your drinks and dance around.

So ahead of the festival season we've scoured the net for the stylish bum bags that you can shop now, see our favourites below, and make sure you shop them quickly, they're bound to sell out.

Must-have bum bags for festivals