Films that are set to be made into TV shows

Taryn Davies
Published: May 7, 2015

We’ve seen plenty of them before, films that have transitioned into the small screen into a long-standing TV show, and they’ve worked, Hannibal and Bates Motel are prime examples.

They've also worked the other way too, with great TV shows being made for the big screen: This week sees the release of Spooks: The Greater a good, a British film that's an extension of the much-loved BBC TV drama that ran from 2002 till 2011.

Spooks movie The Greater Good

So, with both genres lending from each other time and time again, we thought that we’d round up the films being made into TV series this year in a quick guide and you can decide on which ones you’ll keep your eyes peeled for.

From Hell

There’s set to be a new TV adaption of Alan Moor and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell, ideal for those Jack the Ripper fans.

The hugely successful graphic novel has already been adapted in the cinema, in 2001 we saw Johnny Depp and Robbie Coltrane star. Don Murphy, who produced the film, is set to return as the series’ executive producer, while David Arata will adapt the 572-page graphic work.

FromHell movie still

Evil Dead

The Evil Dead will soon have its own TV spin-off. The series will get 10 episodes with the franchise’s director Sam Rami working on it. The series, which will air at some point in 2015, picks up with Ash (the main character) three decades later.

Raimi will direct the first episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead (co-written with his brother Ivan.


Will Smith’s romantic comedy about a romance expert who has trouble in his own love life was quite the hit in the cinemas, grossing $386 million worldwide. Now it’s set to be adapted for the small screen and produced by Will Smith’s production company. Fox is developing the show that’s set to be a workplace comedy about dating and sexual politics.



This TV series is set to be ‘loosely based’ on the 1988 comedy which sees a young boy wish he could grow up, only to wake the next days as fully-grown Tom Hanks. 20th Century Fox TV studios have described it as an ‘event series’ based on the movie, exploring just what it means to be an adult and what it means to be a kid.

Minority Report

Stephen Speilberg looks set to be adapting his 2002 science-fiction film, Minority Report into a TV series. Spielberg’s Amblin Television Production Company will produce the series with potential production partners named as 20th Century Fox TV and Paramount TV. The script is set to be penned by Godzilla writer Max Borenstein, who will also be executive producer on the series.

Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese’s 2010 hit film starring Leonardo DiCaprio is being made into a TV series that will be a prequel to the film. Reports suggest that HBO and Paramount are in talks to create the spin-off show that, like the film, will be based on 2003 Dennis Lehane novel. Just as Scorsese did for HBO with Boardwalk Empire, he’s said to be directing the pilot with Lehane himself penning the script alongside Tom Bernardo. Leonardo DiCaprio is set to be serving as an executive producer too, so fingers crossed there will be some sort of cameo at some point.

Shutter island

Uncle Buck

The 1989 classic family movie which follows a childish uncle looking after his brother’s kids is being made into a TV series, and it’s not the first time. This was first done in 1990, but it only ran for a single season. This time ABC will be producing the series and will be written by Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley, the men behind Happy Endings and numerous episodes of Scrubs.

12 Monkeys

Terry Gilliam’s dystopian time travel movie is making its move to the smaller screen, with 24 director Jon Cassar at the helm. The sci-fi story will feature a 90-minute pilot that will be produced by Chuck Roven and Richard Suckle, both of whom were involved in the film, and is being prepped for the US channel Syfy.

Bruce Willis starred in the film that was about a convict who was sent back in time to discover how a disease-ravaged a planet.


The Wes Craven classic is being made into a TV series by MTV and already has an air date of October 2015. The TV series won’t have an actual Ghostface feature, as it’s owned by another company, but will be centred on a Youtube video that goes viral and spells out killer repercussions for a group of teens. It’s recently been confirmed that Bella Thorne will re-create the iconic first scene which saw Drew Barrymore be taunted by the killer whilst home alone. What’s your favourite scary movie?

School of Rock

The 2004 hit film is being made into a 13-part children’s TV show that will air on Nickelodeon, supposedly in Spring 2015.

The storyline is expected to follow the same path as the film, which showed Jack Black’s character, Dewey Finn, pretending to be a teacher and training up a class of children in the ways of rock.

Nickelodeon has teamed up with Paramount TV to make the show, which will see original director Richard Linklater and producer Scott Rudin on board in executive production roles.

Do you think that these TV series will spell disaster or are they going to be huge hits?

Spooks: The Greater Good is in cinemas May 8