First Aid Beauty Radiance pads review

Taryn Davies
Published: January 31, 2018

Brighten, tone and exfoliate the skin with one quick wipe thanks to the First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads, a handy product that’s perfect for travel too.

First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads Review Beauty Radiance Pads are designed for everyday use to give your skin a fresh and clean feeling, sloughing away dead skin cells to promote radiance.

The pads have a combination of glycolic and lactic acid, just enough that made them safe and effective for daily use, and they’re certainly the most comfortable to use when it comes to these types of products – there’s very little sting once you’ve applied them.

Skin-loving ingredients

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads contain a blend of acids, which are two very effective forms of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Their formula is lightweight, making it an ideal choice for most skin types (including the acne prone).

  • Cucumber and Indian gooseberry help to tone the skin
  • Lemon peel and liquorice root are included for their brightening effects
  • The Pads are free of parabens, colourants and harsh chemicals
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First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads Review the Radiance pads work

The First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads are designed to improve the skin’s clarity. They are designed to reduce the look of pores and diminish the appearance of fine lines too. You're left with a complexion that is clear, bright and smooth.

The pads can be used on all skin types, even those with sensitive skin thanks to the unique blend of ingredients, which all attempt to leave you looking renewed, radiant and glowing.


Gentle of skin, exfoliating, easy to use, pre-soaked formula, perfect for travelling, includes beneficial antioxidants, excellent price point for this type of product


We can't think of any

First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads Review Line

The First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads are definitely something we’d suggest always having to hand. The pre-soaked pads are perfect for travelling, and they’re gentle enough to be used every day too.

Regular use of these pads will help to smooth out the skin’s texture, ensuring you have a perfect canvas for flawless makeup application. But you’ll also be left with beautiful, luminous skin that’s not clogged up with dead skin cells or dull and uneven.

They’re pleasant to use, there’s no strong tingling effect but still, a little something that lets you know they’re getting to work at revealing brighter skin. They’re the perfect option if you’re new to this type of exfoliation and want to ease yourself in, and ideal if normal AHA exfoliants are simply too harsh for you.

These Radiance Pads are mild and gentle, they’re affordable, and they’re easy to use. Quite simply, we love them.

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