Foreo Luna Go review

Taryn Davies
Published: September 28, 2016

Foreo Luna Go Review your skin a deep clean with the Foreo Luna Go, a handy skincare solution that uses low-frequency pulsation with soft, silicone brushes to brush away dirt, makeup, and grime from your pores.

The skin care device comes with a function for normal cleansing, as well as an option for anti-ageing routines. The different models are also targeted for your specific skincare needs, there are models for combination, sensitive, oily, normal and even one targeted for men.

Foreo Luna Go Features

  • Facial cleansing device
  • Up to 30 uses per each full charge
  • 1 pulsation intensity
  • Ultra-hygienic
  • Fully waterproof
  • Targeted to specific skin types
  • No replacement brush heads required
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • 10-year quality guarantee

Foreo Luna Go Review

The Foreo Luna Go is pretty much the same as the Luna 2, with all the same features, it's just that it's a lot smaller, making it the perfect portable skincare device.

The device has two sides to it, one of which helps to boost the effect of your cleanser, deeply cleaning the skin. And the other side is designed to help increase circulation to leave your skin looking brighter and feeling plumped too.


  • While the Luna Go may be smaller, once you charge it you get up to 30 uses.

It's ideal for those who travel often or frequent the gym. It most definitely won’t weigh down your bag.

How the Luna Go works

The Luna works by vibrating soflty on the skin to help deeply cleanse the skin, and exfoliate gently too. The soft, silicone nibs help to remove makeup, dirt and oil from the skin to reveal clean skin.

The silicione design is extremely hygienic too, being resistant to bacteria build-up, which makes it a great alternative to the brush cleansers which are likely to harbour dirt and bacteria after a while.

If you're worried about ageing, the Luna Go even has an Anti-Ageing Mode, this allows the device to work at lower-frequency pulsations. So you might want to use this setting on the areas of the skin that are more likely to wrinkle as we age.

Foreo Luna Go Review

Deep cleaning, leaves skin looking more radiant, compact, perfect for travelling, charge lasts well, no replacement brush heads needed, varying levels of pulsations, resistant to bacteria build-up


It is an expensive product, but we think you’ll find it’s worth the investment

Bottom line

This handy little skincare device is a must buy in our opinion. It’s made from anti-bacterial high-quality silicone and is 100% waterproof. You don’t need to ever worry about changing brush heads either, which takes a lot of faff out of the whole process.

It’s incredibly portable, meaning you can take it with you when staying over at friends, travelling or going the gym. And what's more, it lasts well too, usually 30 uses per full charge.

It’s great to wash away all of your dirt and grime and then it treats your skin to an anti-ageing face massage too, two devices in one. This side helps to flush toxins, increase circulation and reduce puffy under-eye bags and dark circles. These are things that don’t just affect mature skin either.

It might be a little steep to purchase, £85, but once you’ve been using this device for a week or so you’ll definitely see an improvement in your skin and you’ll be happy you invested in the Foreo Luna Go.

Foreo Luna Go Review the Foreo Luna Go

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