ghd Aura Hairdryer Review

Taryn Davies
Published: August 7, 2015

The launch of the ghd Aura Hairdryer certainly caused plenty of stir in the beauty industry, and with right too. It’s a powerful tool that does what it promises, dries hair with a smooth and shiny finish.

The main points that set the ghd Aura apart from other hairdryers are the external power supply and two new features Laminair and Cool-Wall. Something you may be thinking that you don’t really need, but once you've tried this dryer you'll never want to be without it.

ghd Aura Features

  • Concentrated flow of air for targeted styling
  • The dryer is designed to be used close to the root for ultimate lidt
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Quiet motor
  • Cold shot button
  • Power supply is on the cord, which makes the hairdryer lighter
  • Easy to clean because of the removable mesh filter
  • Three heat settings


The collaboration between hair stylists and scientists resulted in a hair dryer that boasts excellent properties for styling your hair, and excellent technology to ensure your hair gets the most from the tool. Each aspect of the design of this tool is desgined to benefit the hair, some a more concentrated output of air for precision, as well as the ability to get closer to the scalp to help boost the volume and root lift in the hair.

It's also lighter, quieter and uses less electrical energy than your average hairdryer which is a bonus, but what we really want to know is that it will actually make our hair look HOT.


Please note: The ghd Aura is not bivolt, so be careful using it abroad as it’s designed for a 220-240V voltage area.

The design of ghd Aura hairdryer

In two words: sleek and chic. The dryer has a matte black finish with silver trim. The handle is easy to grip during styling, and the appliance is easy to manoeuvre around the head even when you get to the awkward section at the back. The buttons are appropriately placed, so you can flick between different settings whilst you're using the hairdryer with ease.

Laminair Technology

One of the brand new features to this hairdryer from ghd is the Laminair Technology, but what exactly does this do? It's there to give a more concentrated stream of air, and this means you won't have your hair flying everywhere as you try and style and blow dry. The concentrated air allows you to work section by section, without fear of tangling up the rest of your hair.

It also means that you get smooth and shiny results from using this hairdryer.

Concentrator nozzle with Cool-Wall technology

The other new and innovative technology that you get with this hairdryer is Cool-Wall. This ensures that the body of the hairdryer and the nozzle are still cool to touch even after you've been using it a while.

This innovative technology ensures that you don’t burn your fingers as you dry your hair, we’ve all been there, and also ensures you can style much closer to the root for impressive volume.

ghd Aura review

The Cool Shot button the ghd Aura

Heat and Power Settings

Variable power and heat settings allow better control during styling and mean you can tailor the tool to your personal preference.

There are three heat settings (high, medium and cool), and the hottest setting is definitely hot. If you’re in a hurry this is the one you’re going to use, but for everyday it might be a little too much.

Like most hair dryers there's a cool shot button too.


External power supply on ghd Aura hairdryer

The ghd Aura has a unique feature in the form of an external power supply. This reduces the overall weight of the hairdryer, which is great for those who like to spend their time perfecting their look. Arms can seriously tire easily.

The external power supply on the ghd Aura

The external power supply on the ghd Aura

Power comparisons to Air

The ghd Aura is a little less powerful than the ghd Air (1400 – 1600W on the ghd Aura and 1800W – 2100W on the ghd Air) but the Aura is a bit lighter and its motor is more energy-efficient and quieter.

The Noise

... Or rather, the lack of it. The new generation motor means that the hairdryer is a lot quieter compared to Air and other hairdryers. Ideal for those who like to wash their hair in the morning and don’t want to wake up the entire household.

The nozzle

Who else finds that they’ve discarded the nozzle after use a few times? Us too. But the ghd Aura nozzle is equipped with the Cool-Wall technology which we mentioned earlier and this means it stays cool even during extensive use. Using the nozzle whilst styling means you can create a smooth finish to the lengths of the hair, and thanks to the Cool-Wall you can use it at the roots to create volume without the fearing of burning your scalp or fingers.ghd Aura hairdryer review

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