ghd Curve Creative Wand review

Taryn Davies
Published: October 8, 2017

ghd have cemented their status in the straightener world, creating irons that you’ll find many women the entire world over love and with good reason too. Now the ghd Curling Wands shine with glistening reviews all over the internet and have become favourites of hair stylists everywhere.

Here we review the ghd Curve Creative Wand which has been designed to create fancy, flirty natural-looking curls.

ghd Curve Creative Wand Features

  • Tapered barrel design
  • Tip designed to stay cool
  • Protect surfaces with the handy stand on the wand
  • Even heat distributed across the wand
  • Ceramic coating
  • Automatically turns itself off
ghd Curve Creative Wand review


The ghd curve® creative curl wand has a tapered barrel, which stars at a 28mm diameter and moves into a 23mm tip, that can create a variety of looks, ranging from perfect beachy waves to romantic, mermaid curls, to textured, voluminous curls/waves that are healthy looking and more importantly last.

ghd Curve Creative Wand review

A great design feature of the Curve Creative wand is the protective cool tip at the end of the wand, which allows you to place your fingers on it for good grip and control of the tool, of course without burning your fingers.

Like most tools, this will shut off automatically after 30 minutes for safety reasons, it has universal voltage, and it has a professional-length cord so you can manoeuvre the wand around without getting tangled up.


The Curve Creative wand reaches an optimum curling temperature of 185°C. There is no button to change the temperature on this tool, as ghd scientists say that this is the best way to curl your hair. The heat is maintained with the use of six sensors, as maintaining this heat is the best thing for the health of your hair, as well as helping ensure your curls stay in place.

Tri-Zone Technology

ghd have patented their Tri-Zone technology, which you’ll find in each of their styling products. It’s designed to help you style your hair with heat that’s a little safer.

But what exactly is it? Well, ghd scientists say they have discovered the optimum temperature for styling your hair, whether it’s with straighteners, tongs or a wand. And that’s why you won’t find temperature variations on their tools, they’re all set to one temperature.

The tri-zone technology helps the tool maintain this optimum temperature throughout use, which helps with the results you achieve and is better for hair’s health too. By maintaining the heat, you’ll reduce hair’s breakage.

ghd Curve Creative Wand review

ghd Curve Creative Wand Summary

The ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand gives you free reign with your hair, allowing you to curl it in each and every direction desirable. So get creative with your look and take control of your styling using the ghd creative curl wand, whether you have long or short hair. The tapered barrel allows you to get closer to the roots as well so you can create body and volume.

The ghd Curve tools stand out becuase they create curls and waves that last, the high quality technology allows you to curl your hair first thing and not worry about them dropping out by lunch.

This creative wand might be on the more expensive scale of things, but the tool is definitely worth every penny. The ghd products last for years and years too, so when you think about cost per use, it's a no-brainer really.

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