A stylish guide to a Godmother outfit for a Christening

Taryn Davies
Published: March 19, 2018

There’s plenty of stress and hoopla surrounding dressing for a wedding, but Christenings can be just as formal events and finding the perfect godmother outfit for a christening can be just as stressful.

But we have some stylish, formal and comfortable options for you to consider when you’ve been asked to stand for a friend or family member’s child.

Being a Godmother to a child is an incredibly honourable thing, you’ve been chosen by the parents to help educate and care for the child. If you’ve been chosen to be a godmother, you want to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately, especially as you’ll be required to stand up on the altar.

What not to wear to a Christening

You’re advised not to wear any very revealing clothing, avoiding plunging necklines, ultra miniskirts that you find it difficult to sit in, anything that leaves you feeling like you’re more exposed than you should be whilst attending church.

Flashy outfits are also discouraged, try to avoid loud colours or neon shades. You want everyone’s focus to be on the child, not you. You’re trying to get a more elegant look in subtle fabrics and colours.

What you can wear to a Christening

You can wear white if you’re a godmother in a baptism or christening, the no-white rule is only for weddings.

Anything that you feel comfortable in, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, trousers etc.

Although Christenings don’t have an ‘official’ dress code, they’re a formal event and therefore should be treated as such with elegant outfits that don’t lean too close to clubbing attire.

Shop some of our favourite looks for a godmother to wear to a christening below.