Heated Velcro Rollers: Which are best?

Taryn Davies
Published: October 6, 2017

Heated Velcro Rollers create beautiful bouncy locks that would make even Kate Middleton envious, but which ones are best?

There are two that stand out to us, The O Pod from Cloud Nine and Ego Boost Heated Rollers.

They’re both of similar ilk, designed to heat up in just a couple of seconds with pod designs and Velcro rollers that heat from the inside – basically, there’s no chance of burning your fingers as you apply these beauties to your hair.

The benefits of Heated Velcro Rollers

So why choose heated Velcro rollers over standard heated rollers? The soft grip technology ensures that they sit softly within your hair, plus they can be removed without dragging or sticking.

What’s more, the Velcro detail ensures that there are no unsightly kinks at the bottom of your hair as the soft grip makes sure your hair is curled to the bottom of the roller.

The O Pod

The O Pod from Cloud Nine made us rethink Velcro rollers, making us rethink how gorgeous your hair can look after we’ve used them.

The brand designed a must-have product that was revolutionised, ensuring the heated roller would heat up in your hair and won't burn your hand.

These rollers are salon quality, and it’s easy to see from the first use. In less than four seconds they’ve heated up and are ready to use, plus they’re incredibly energy efficient too, using seven times less power than conventional heated rollers. The O pod will only heat up the rollers you need, as and when you need them.

You can buy The O Pod within different sets, and the Ultimate set comes with an array of different sized rollers. This is ideal if you have layers, as well as being able to create a variety of looks for your hair.



Cloud Nine The O review TheFuss.co.uk

The O Rollers themselves are lightweight, obviously, don’t burn your hands when they’ve been heated up and have a red dot indicator to show when they’ve heated up in the pod. The red dot will then fade back to black when they’ve cooled down, this is the optimum time to remove them from your hair, but of course, you can keep them in longer if you prefer.

When you use the rollers, they sit comfortably on the head, and although you might feel a warmth on your scalp it’s definitely not hot and won’t burn you. They also have soft grip technology, so they’ll grip your hair easily, and won’t drag and pull at your locks as you remove them.

The O Pod from Cloud Nine is professional and high quality, creating gorgeous hairstyles that look as though you’ve stepped out of the salon.

You can buy The O Pod in the Ultimate Set which comes with 12 rollers in three different sizes, 12 clips, amplify spray and a carry case, you can also purchase more rollers and clips separately if you need them.

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Ego Boost Heated Rollers

The Ego Boost Heated Rollers come with a beautifully designed pod which is sleek looking and fuss free, the varied sizes of soft touch rollers it comes with offers incredible versatility on all hair types, not to mention the fact that they’re ready to use in seconds.

Not only are they quick to use, but they’re gentle on the hair too, thanks to rollers being integrated with a top tourmaline finish to ensure sleek and swift results.

The curlers are designed to heat your hair, rather than your hands, so you have plenty of time to roll them up into hair and secure before they get hot to the touch.

Ego Boost Heated Rollers review TheFuss.co.uk

The pod works quickly to heat up the rollers, and you know they're ready when the dot turns red. The indicator dot will return back to its original colour once the rollers have cooled down in your hair, then they’ll be ready for you to take out and store away.

Ego Professional is visionary as far as hair styling goes and the Ego Boost heated rollers have certainly proven a worthy hair tool.

It’s a fabulous piece of technology, that’s perfect for a quick fix to the hair, which looks like it has taken hours to achieve. Although price wise it’s by no means cheap, it isn’t going to break the bank either. And you get what you pay for, an incredibly professional hair curling system that you won’t be disappointed with.

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