Holiday sex not living up to expectations

Taryn Davies
Published: June 20, 2016

New research reveals that holiday sex expectations are a LOT different to the reality of it, with more than half of people feeling let down by what actually happens when they go away.

Half of couples want better sex when they go on holiday, according to Durex, but the reality is it doesn't live up to what they want.

And it seems we can pinpoint the problem too, technology.

Technology seems to be getting in the way of plenty of sex lives, even when we go away. The research showed that nearly half of people won't instigate sex if their partner is using their phone whilst in bed.

Digital distractions leading to arguments

Checking your phone too much is likely to lead to an argument, and because of this half say their relationship is suffering as a result.

What’s shocking is that 72 people even declared to using their phones during sex.

Is your phone getting in the way of your relationship

The solution?  

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  • Limit your phone use, set time restrictions too, so you don't lose yourself scrolling through feeds.
  • Keep them locked away when you're not using them, maybe in your suitcase or the safe in the room.
  • You could try a wake-up call for each morning, rather than using the alarm on your phone.
  • Don't worry about sharing photographs from your holiday on social media, see it as a time to share with your partner.
  • Make memories that will last a lifetime.

The availability of free WiFi is one of the main reasons that so many people favour using their phones in the room. Also, when one person starts to use their phone, it encourages the other partner to do so as well.

It might be worth encouraging a ban on phones in the bedroom, and only using them in the hotel lobby.