HoMedics Eye Revive Massager review

Taryn Davies
Published: September 22, 2016

HoMedics Eye Revive review TheFuss.co.ukEyes might be the window to the soul, but they’re also the most likely place to give away our age. Crow’s feet and fine lines can plague us from an early age, late nights and plenty of stress don't help matters either. That’s why we all need the small and handy HoMedics Eye Revive in our homes.

The newest launch from the massage and wellness specialists helps to reduce the look of tired and puffy eyes in a flash.

Using sonic vibration and a warming massage, this device only enhances your skincare routine and gives you a spa-like treat at home.

Eye Revive Features

  • Rejuvenates tired eyes
  • Reduces the look of puffye eyes
  • Help treat dark circles
  • Enhances circulation to the eye area
  • You can also use it with eye cream to enhance your routine
  • A sensor turns on the massager with your touch


Not only does this handy little device only cost £20, really easy to use. With just a finger placement over the sensor to get it to work. There's no button or switches either, meaning it's a very streamlined and chic-looking device.

It won’t take up much room to store and there’s no ‘faff’ when using it either. This is not one of those tools you’ll buy, use a couple of times, and then store in the cupboard.

Because it’s so easy to use, and it feels lovely with great results, you’ll find yourself picking this tool up day after day.

HoMedics Eye Revive review TheFuss.co.uk

Why you need an eye massager

The skin around the eyes is incredibly soft and supple, which is why you're most likely to see the signs of ageing here first. Another reason you're likely to see the signs of ageing here is the fact that skin by the eyes, unlike everywhere else on our body, won't hydrate itself. Adding to the fact that we use the muscles here on a daily basis, from laughing, yawning, scrunching and more. But instead of trying to supress movement in our eyes, you can help to stimulate the bloody circulation with an eye massage, and this tool helps you get it right. Just a small massage can help to reduce the signs of puffiness in the eyes, plus it works to produce oxygen which can combat the signs of tired eyes.

You can even use this massager with eye cream to help enhance the effects. Using this massager will increase the absoprtion of the cream.


Easy to use, instantly wakes up eyes feels gentle on the skin, affordable


We can’t think of any

HoMedics Eye Revive review TheFuss.co.ukBottom Line

The HoMedics Eye Revive is not only satisfyingly simple to use, but it feels gentle and refreshing on the skin, whilst working to brighten and rejuvenate your tired eyes.

This handy little tool is just £20 to buy, makes a great stocking filler as we head into Christmas, and is easy to slip into your everyday skincare regime.

Give your eyes the treat they need with this handy, affordable, and revitalising eye massager.

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