Jared Leto: Suicide Squad is just the beginning for the Joker

Taryn Davies
Published: August 5, 2016

We’re pretty sure fans will be delighted; Jared Leto thinks that Suicide Squad is just the beginning for the Joker.

The actor told Digital Spy that his villain’s appearance in the film, which is out today, should be treated as an ‘introduction’ to the character.

He said that this film is a new version of the Joker, different to what we've seen previously, and it all comes down to how the audience responds to the character. He says that the film is happening and the Joker's story happens alongside it, so he thinks the character will come back with his own story that's maybe the focal point. Jared Leto says Suicide Squad is just the beginning for the Joker TheFuss.co.uk

We have a feeling the audience will demand to definitely see more of the character, especially knowing how far Leto went for the role. To ensure he stayed in character throughout the shoot he sent his co-stars condoms, dead pigs, and live rats. The wrap gifts included a load of porn too.

Is the Joker a baby killer?

And it looks as though the full submersion into the character was needed with hints that the joker could, in fact, be a baby killer.

Jared Leto says Suicide Squad is just the beginning for the Joker TheFuss.co.uk

In one scene the Joker can be seen surrounded by knives, but as the camera travels outwards, he's surrounded by further items like guns and trinkets from his crimes, some of them babygrows.

Leto told Digital Spy that some things should be left to the imagination, but he imagines that the Joker likes to keep things from past crimes, in the same way a murderer might keep some hair or fingernails from the victim.

Bad reviews

The first reviews for the film came out earlier this week and it’s safe to say they were quite negative, with movie reviewers slamming the superhero film.

But the cast have had their say too, Cara Delevingne, who stars as Dr. June Moon/Enchantress, told Reuters that she thinks the critics have been quite brutal, and they just not huge fans of the genre.

But they're insistent that they didn't make the film for the critics, but the fans and as long as they enjoy the film they'll be happy.

Jared Leto looks to be having a hard time saying goodbye to the Joker character just yet as well, at the London premiere of the film this week, he was no doubt channelling the villain with his outfit choice wearing a green jacket and pink pants from Gucci.

Jared Leto channels the Joker at the Suicide Squad premiere wearing Gucci TheFuss.co.uk

Jared Leto Suicide Squad premiere
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Suicide Squad is in cinemas now