Joico Styler Keratin Infusion Tool Set review

Taryn Davies
Published: December 22, 2015

Achieving stronger and healthier hair when you’re styling might be thought impossible when you’re styling your hair, but the Joico Styler Keratin Infusion Tool Set works to do exactly that.

Everything about this straightener is designed to benefit your hair whilst you style it and make it easier for you to do it too.

Joico Styler Keratin Infusion Features

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 1.25'' Vented Ceramic/Silicone hybrid plates
  • Keratin Vapour penetrates hair cortex
  • Strengthens hair from within
  • Creates shinier hair
  • Ceramic Heat Technology
  • 9ft Tangle-free cord
  • Auto shut off feature
  • K-Pak Reconstrx Vapour Fuel Refill
Joico Styler Keratin Infusion tool set review

Joico tool set includes

  • Jocio Infusion Styler
  • Joico Vaper Fuel 100ml
  • Joico Spare Fuel Tank
  • Joico Heat Resistant Travel Sleeve
  • Joico Two Finger Protective Glove
  • x1 User Manual
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Joico Styler Keratin Infusion Design

This Infusion Styler has a design we've never seen before, utilising steam vapour on the hair to give you gorgeously glossy hair. The tool has reservoir tank where you pour in a liquid designed to benefit the hair. As you use the styler, the liquid is transformed into vapour on contact with the hair, this helps to create a barrier and strengthen your hair too.

What you get with the Joico Styler

Joico Vapour Fuel: A liquid that helps to repair the hair, ideal for when you're using heat on your hair. The styler turns the liquid into a vapour which absorbs into the hair leaving it strong, healthy and shiny too.

With the styler, you also get a Spare Fuel Tank, a heat resistant travel sleeve which allows you to store your styler easily when you're on the go. And a heat protective glove, perfect to ensure you don't accidentally burn your hands when you style your hair.Joico Styler Keratin Infusion tool set review


Ceramic Heat Technology ensures the plates heat evenly. Maintaining a constant temperature means you’ll be able to style your hair more quickly and effectively. Ceramic irons used infrared technology that actually locks in moisture directly in the hair cuticle to which results in beautiful, shiny hair. Because they lock in moisture, they also protect the colour of your hair if you have treated your hair.

Joico Styler Keratin Infusion Summary

This Infusion Styler uses innovative steam vapour technology to infuse the hair with Vapour Fuel whilst straightening, leaving you with silky, glossy locks. Made with a reservoir tank filled with a reparative liquid which turns into vapour upon contact with the hair.

The Vapour fuel is a blend of ingredients all designed to benefit your hair's health, leaving it shiny and soft.

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